Bulk Granola

We believe if you use quality ingredients that are consistently crafted with care, what results is food that is delicious & nutritious.




At Attune Foods, what matters most is what’s inside.

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Attune Foods is committed to bringing you food that you feel good about eating and sharing with friends and family.

We are your source for organic and Non-GMO granolas, cereals, muesli, and granola snacks. We proudly offer on-trend product innovation and customization, uncompromising food safety and product quality, timely, responsive customer service, and industry-best supply chain efficiency.


Top-Quality Manufacturing

Certified organic and non-GMO cereals, granolas, and snack.

Our Capabilities

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Our diverse manufacturing platform provides a broad range of options in every category.


From resealable pouches to space-saving cartons and bulk packaging, our options cover anything you need.


We produce high quality granola, cereals, & other unique snacks with a variety of coating and frosting options.

Food Safety/Certifications

Our facilities are certified at the highest level of food safety, and our food certifications include Organic, non-GMO, Kosher, and more.


With a robust in-house team, we can help you take an idea into development and onto the shelf in record time.


Product Innovation

On-trend product innovation and customization for your brand.


Join Our Team

If you want to bring your whole self to work and contribute alongside skilled people, come inside and see what’s waiting at Attune Foods.