Uncle Sam Stories

A delicious surprise & welcome departure from traditional cereals
Submitted by Naomi Serviss
Dear Uncle Sam, I've never written to a cereal before, but I feel compelled to after sampling a bowl of you for breakfast. Your delightful, "unsugary" taste was a delicious surprise and a welcome departure from traditional cereals that clog the supermarket aisles. My only complaint is that it took me this long to "discover" you. I only hope my local supermarket continues to stock you and perhaps even order your other varieties. Regardless, I want YOU to keep up the great work! Sincerely, Naomi Serviss
A wonderful birthday present
Submitted by Tori Kline
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your cereal. In the past, I have purchased Uncle Sam Cereal at my local Safeway and Wal-Mart stores but for the past year I was not able to find it. I was very discouraged. But, yesterday, on my birthday, I found it again on the shelves of Wal-Mart and bought four boxes! What a wonderful birthday present to me. Thanks for this wonderful product. ~ Tori Kline
Absolutely love it
Submitted by Angela Rader
I absolutely love the flax cereal . I make a bowl with blueberries,strawberries,and almond milk,or bananas,apples,cinnamon, and almond milk. I also use it crushed up to bread my chicken. Love it.
Absolutely love Uncle Sam Original
Submitted by Anne Smith
I absolutely love your original Uncle Sam cereal. There are so few cold whole grain cereals that have no sugar added! And it's high in fiber and protien as well! I have no interest in your other flavored, sweetened cereals, so please don't ever stop making your original, wonderful cereal. The only way it could be improved is for you to use ORGANIC ingredients, but please don't ever add sugar to it. It is great just the way it is. Thank you very much for making this pure, natural product.
Submitted by AmandaonMaui
I wasn't sure about this cereal at first. It could have been far too health food for me. But, I was really surprised! I have grown so attached to this cereal that when my local grocery store ran out recently I had to ask and make sure that the product would be coming back. My favorite way to eat this cereal is over almond yogurt. It also seems like it could make a great breading for savory meals for those who are gluten free eaters. Try it, even if you're afraid of it being too "crunchy," "granola," or hippie for you.
Submitted by Becky
Great gluten free cereal!!! I've had trouble finding a gluten free cereal with high fiber that keeps my system regular. This has been the one. Thank you for a great product. However, I wish the box was larger. :=)
Best cereal available on the market for its nutritional value
Submitted by Lindsey C.
We have been eating the Uncle Sam's Original Cereal for years and feel it's the best cereal available on the market for its nutritional value.
Bigger size?
Submitted by Mike Parenteau
I toss in a handful of nuts and dried fruit, add a little skim milk, and start off the day on a positive note. Request: For us 'bulk' users, can you make a bigger size? I go thru 4 boxes a month; I'd rather go thru 1 bigger box a month.
Can't start our day without a bowl
Submitted by James Dunleavy
My wife and I love your Uncle Sam's cereal. Eat it most every morning. We really can't start our day with out a bowl of Uncle Sam's cereal. The only problem i have is the size of the box. I wish it was larger because we have to make a trip to the store every week to pick up more. Keep up the good work
Submitted by chris
This cereal is tasty. I was just put on a gluten free diet and was happy to find it at Whole Foods. Does anyone know the glycemic index for Organic Milled Corn?
conley jackson
Submitted by conley jackson
I tried this cereal about a year ago because i was looking for a healthy alternative to the typical cereal that is loaded with sugar and/or corn syrup. Wow was i surprised. Have been eating Uncle Sam's ever since and there are no plans to switch back. Great product.
Count me as a big fan
Submitted by Steve Kooyman
Count me as a big fan of the Original Uncle Sam's cereal. I actually discovered it via Jorge Cruise's recent Belly Fat loss book.
Eating it since I was a kid
Submitted by Ryan Newhardt
I've been eating Uncle Sam Cereal since I've been a kid, and I always have loved the flavor it has. I'll keep on passing it on the good word as long as you guys keep it up! Thanks!
Eating Uncle Sam every morning
Submitted by Sara Gray
I love your cereal! I have been eating Uncle Sam cereal for over five years every single morning with skim milk and blueberries, and it keeps me satisfied all morning long. The crunchiness, the flavor and the fiber content, I love it all. I never want to eat anything different, because nothing else tastes as good to me. Keep doing what you do, just put it in a bigger box!!
Submitted by Elyse
A staple of my diet! Love it. Please don't change a thing about this product!
Energy that lasts
Submitted by Pamela Spehn
The Uncle Sam Cereal is one of the best i have tried. After I eat, I feel full and have energy that lasts way longer than an Oatmeal I have been eating. Thanks for great products.
Enjoying Uncle Sam
Submitted by Kelly Mehler
Hi Uncle Sam, I really enjoy your flax seed cereal. I buy it every week.
Full for hours
Submitted by Tiffany Coggins
I love the Uncle Sam Cereal with Mixed Berries. Most mornings I make a parfait of sorts with it. I mix it with a low sugar, organic yogurt, some hemp seeds and a couple nuts. I stay full for hours. Tiffany Coggins
G Smith
Submitted by G Smith
I love Uncle Sam cereal--the original kind is all I've tasted--and eat it often. However, I am concerned that the flax seeds are whole. I've been reading and hearing recently that flax seeds must be ground in order to access all of their Omega-3 goodies. Does Uncle Sam contain ground as well as whole flax seed, or must I continue to add a tablespoon of ground seeds to my morning bowl? Just wondering. Either way, it's still the healthiest and best-tasting cereal on the market, as far as I am concerned.
Happy to have found Uncle Sam
Submitted by Karen McCort
A friend introduced me to Uncle Sam Original Cereal a couple weeks ago. I cannot praise it more highly! I am so happy to have found a cereal that is high in fiber and low in sugar and salt. Uncle Sam cereal has only 'real food' ingredients and I can pronounce them all!. It is far superior to the fiber cereal I used to eat that has become more tasteless and sugar-filled over the years. ( It's ingredient now take up 1/3 of the end panel!) Thank you for providing a healthy and tasty alternative.
Honey Almond is awesome
Submitted by Craig Fiedler
Wow! Honey Almond cereal is awesome.No more fruit loops for this guy.
Hunger abated for hours
Submitted by K Austin
A friend recently remarked that I have kept in shape despite my age and asked how I did it. Part of the answer came to me as I ate my daily portion of Uncle Sam Cereal. Over 25 years ago I noticed Uncle Sam in the cereal aisle. It seemed like an easier way to get Omega 3 without taking a supplement. On my suggestion as a dietary staple, many people have since tried it. My favorite way to eat Uncle Sam cereal is with whole almonds, raisins and skim milk. It keeps my hunger abated for hours. Thank you for a great product! The new varieties are appreciated too!
I eat it daily
Submitted by Lorraine Carlin
I love Uncle Sam cereal...I eat it daily, mixed with raisin bran, berries & sometimes a nut mix for extra crunch. First heard about it through Jorge Cruise's book on weight loss...love the flavor, no additives, and healthy flax seed. Glad my local Wal-Mart is still stocking it!!
I feel so much better
Submitted by Cindy Phillips
I have chronic migraines and was told by my doctor to lower my sugar intake in my diet. My cereal was high in carbs and sugars and after trying Kashi and other "healthy" brands none compares to Uncle Sam's Original. I feel so much better and it taste good too. My thanks to you.
I love this cereal
Submitted by Katie Barnes
I love this cereal with its healthiness and low sugar!! I am wondering why you choose to leave the flax whole when your body can benefit so much more from milled flax? That is its only drawback. I tried to use it as a breading but the whole seeds didn't work well, if it were milled or just the flakes it would have been perfect. My suggestion is to mill the seeds please, it would be so much better for us and that is why you make it, right? Thanks for this healthy cereal!
I love Uncle Sam cereal
Submitted by John W.
I love uncle sam cereal.
I love Uncle Sam cereal
Submitted by Ivori Murray
 I love the Uncle Sam Original Cereal ; 10g of Fiber, Flaxseed and less than 1g of Sugar...so amazing ! I love the flavor and the cereal keeps me full ! We love your cereal and the price is perfect. Thank you !
I love your products
Submitted by Shelly Delk
I love your products. Thanks for making such great products.
I really like your cereal
Submitted by Jacqueline C
I really like your cereal and I think it is very nutritious.
I'm telling everyone about it
Submitted by Chad Muehlenhardt
How has this product been around for so long and I'd never heard of it. Wow!!! I love it! This stuff is great! I'm telling everyone about it. I'm not a health nut or anything but you have to admit when something is that darn tasty!
It has improved my digestion
Submitted by Marie Jenkins
I love, love, love this cereal. I eat about 2 boxes a week. The taste is wonderful even without fruit. Although I tend to add blueberries most mornings. It has improved my digestion ever since I discovered it about two years ago. I now take it with me when I travel. I just cant't function without it.  Thank you, Marie Jenkins
Jackie V
Submitted by Jackie V
Crisp. Light. Flavorful! --even my 5yr old loves it!
Submitted by Jeff
Diagnosed Type 2 diabetic, I needed to modify my diet. I tried Uncle Sam Original and now eat it every morning with 1% milk and noticed overall improved health. The taste was also very surprisingly good. A natural, almost sweet flavor and texture that you just don't find in other "whole grain" cereals. Excellent product, I may never buy another brand again.
Jo Smith
Submitted by Jo Smith
The struggle to find a cereal with low sugar and all natural ingredients that doesn't taste like bark has ended! I USED to be a Kashi fan, but no longer. If this could just stay crunchy longer (I know, it's difficult), it would have gotten 5 stars.
Jodi G.
Submitted by Jodi G.
I really love this cereal! It's tasty and not overly sweet. Slice up a few banana's into it and it makes the greatest bowl of cereal ever! Thanks :)
Submitted by julie
This cereal makes Awesome rice crispy squares!
Just the right hint of sweetness
Submitted by Diana Jordan
I love this cereal, its just the right HINT of sweetness to balance out the wheat flavor. i love to put it in my Greek yogurt to boost the fiber (unlike granola that just adds sugar) and give a delicious crunch that doesn't get soft and soggy.
k joy
Submitted by k joy
Just found this cereal at Whole Foods in Atlanta - and tried it for the first time this morning. It is absolutely delicious! What I miss most since going gluten free 3 years ago due to celiac disease is the taste of hearty grains. This cereal makes up for that and more! It has a hearty grain taste, is natural and unrefined, has just a hint of sweetness but you wouldn't say it is a sweet cereal by any stretch of the imagination, keeps crunchy in soymilk, and doesn't have all those refined fiberless starches that most gluten free products are based on! I love it! Just wish I had a Whole Foods near where I live so I could buy it on a regular basis! Erewhon - now see if you can make a gluten free bread that is just as hearty, healthy, and delicious - without all the refined starches!
Submitted by Karen
I am giving one star rating to this cereal because although I though it was pretty good and healthy the portion in relation with the calorie content it ridiculous. Who eats only 2 ounces of cereal in the morning? usually the serving size is 3/4 of a cup - 1 cup not a 1/4 of a cup, specially when one is pregnant and watching carefully the calorie intake. I won't be buying this cereal anymore.
Keeps me from getting hungry all day
Submitted by Dr. Mary Nichols
I have lost 15 pounds by switching to Uncle Sam,s plus a little raisin bran for sweetness in two months. Uncle Sam's in the morning keeps me from getting hungry aLL DAY. please PROMOTE THIS FOR HEALTHY DIETS. Dr. Mary L. Nichols 64 and healthier baby boomer because of Uncle Sam.
Submitted by Kevin
Excellent taste. It only has 1 gram of sugar per serving. Just enough.
Submitted by Lexa
We love Uncle Sam at our house! I was feeding my son Cheerios in the morning until I found out that the oats they use are genetically modified. Cue the Uncle Sam! I remember eating it when I was younger, and I wish I had thought of it before. Now my little buddy cries out "Unkee San" every morning when his belly starts grumbling. We both agree- the simple, healthy recipe should never change. My husband has yet to be converted, but I have faith :)
Little did I know that the second bite would turn into the next bowl
Submitted by Kate McCabe
To the people behind Uncle Sam Cereal, simply put: You are awesome. As an part-time endurance athlete and full time multi-tasker I've struggled with finding the perfect cereal. And trust me, I have taken it seriously. So seriously that it's become a running (pun intended) joke in our little family. When my boyfriend brought home Uncle Sam's for the first time, I poured myself a bowl, took a big bite, and stated matter of factly that this was the WORST cereal of all time. Little did I know that the second bite turned into the next bowl turned into stocking up on boxes turned into having my mom go out to Publix for a box in anticipation of a week end visit. What started out as resistance has turned into a genuine love for unassuming box. You guys make a great cereal and I wanted you to know that a Tallahassee lassie appreciates it.
Loaded with lots of "good stuff"
Submitted by Ann Sindle
Thank you for providing such a healthy cereal product. Your Uncle Sam Cereal is healthier than any cereal I've been able to find, including organic cereal. It is tasty, contains no sugar, and loaded with lots of "good stuff."
Longtime Uncle Sam's fan
Submitted by Alan Tyler
Sirs: I have over the years enjoyed your product, "Uncle Sams."
Love getting our Omega 3s through food
Submitted by Mary Ann Tillman
I am writing to tell you how much we love the Uncle Sam Cereal ....love the idea of getting our Omega 3 thru a breakfast food...it taste good and the flax seeds are awesome. I never had a flax seed till I tried Uncle Sam and I will continue eating it from now on! Thanks again for a great and healthy product !! Mary Ann Tillman
Love your products
Submitted by Karren Franklin
Love your products, please add me to your mail list. Thanks
My choice of cereal for years
Submitted by Jeannette McGauley
Uncle Sam Original cereal has successfully been my choice of cereal for years. It fulfills its promises. I'm amazed how few people have ever heard of it.Everyone I have shared Uncle Sam's info with are as happy with it as I am. Thanks for a great product. Jeannette
My family loves your products
Submitted by Missy Butchkosky
I wanted to write to you to tell you how much my family loves your products. We are very loyal to your brand. Thank you for your time and please keep up the good work.
Nancy Keith
Submitted by Nancy Keith
My favor of Skinners Raisin Bran goes back to my childhood. The cereal was great and it came with a surprize in the box. Girl picture, girl prize. Boy picture, boy prize
Submitted by Bethany Trigilio
Hello, I am obsessed with your attune dark chocolate bars. Is there a way to receive a notification of when you will be getting them back in stock? They are delicious and I want to order more!! Thanks, Bethany
Quite tasty
Submitted by Carla Grants
I have never really contacted a company regarding their products, however, I have to say that Uncle Sam Cereal is really good. I was skeptical at first - whole grain, blah, etc - but it is not. Quite tasty. I have this for breakfast several times a week and it seems to help with my hypoglycemia.
Submitted by Roger
I eat this stuff everyday. It's only got the good stuff and none of the junk. No preservatives or added sugar make this one of the best breakfast cereals in my opinion. It also tastes great!
Submitted by Rose
Best cereal EVER. Just the right amount of sweetness, lots of strawberries ... so good. You can't even tell it's healthy!!
Sharon Kennedy
Submitted by Sharon Kennedy
This is the best cereal I have ever tasted! If you're looking for a healthy, filling, and delicious alternative to your usual breakfast fare, this is it. I found "Uncle Sam" at Wal-Mart of all places! I'm going to use this cereal in place of bread crumbs when I make my vegetarian burgers. I also plan on whizzing it in the food processor and using it as part of flour replacement when baking "healthy" cookies. I can't believe Uncle Sam has been around since 1908 and it only reached Michigan's Upper Peninsula in 2013! Keep up the good work and thank you for this super product! Sharon
Submitted by Sherry
After recently noticing it in the organic foods aisle, I started eating this cereal and have a bowl of it at work with a mixture of light vanilla soymilk and plain milk. So good!
Susan B
Submitted by Susan B
I am on my 14th box of Uncle Sam and I cannot stop eating it! I have to hide my Uncle Sam cereal to make sure it is always there for me in the morning. I cannot begin to explain what a difference my body feels since I added Uncle Sam to my mornings, it is like adding pure Sunshine in a small bowl each day. Thank you once again for the help in changing how I feel...you are my Sunshine..my only Sunshine and please don't ever take my Sunshine away:-) - Susan B
Submitted by susie
I work a 10 hour shift and need to go to bed early in the evening. I don't want a large meal so I am a cereal by night person. I enjoy Uncle Sam with (no sugar added), plain soy milk and add dried cranberries for the extra sweetness. I used to eat Fiber One but rather control my sweetness and still get the added fiber. Great product, Attune!
Telling friends and family
Submitted by Teresa Bender
I have really been taken with Uncle Sams Toasted Whole Wheat Berry Flakes and Flaxseed Cereal. I have been telling my friends and family about it and how healthy it is for you.
Thankful for many of your products
Submitted by Christy Dobranski
Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how very thankful I am for so many of your products! My family of 3 enjoys so many of them!
Thanks for your new product
Submitted by Janet
…I wanted to congratulate you on this new product. My husband and I have been using it for a few days now and we already feel a difference. We are trying to get our 3 year old to eat it too…if only she would taste it…she'd fall in love. Thank you for such a wonderful new [product] it truly does aid in the digestion of THIS family!
This cereal is my saving grace
Submitted by Nadia
I want to thank you for offering a healthy, tasty alternative to the sugar-laden varieties that litter the cereal aisle. This cereal is my saving grace! It has helped me lose weight and maintain my weight loss. Every morning I eat a bowl of Uncle Sam Cereal with unsweetened soy milk, throw in some blueberries or banana slices, and I'm good to go! I can't think of a better way to start my day! I also cannot find anything comparable to the nutritional value of your product. Thanks, again!
Thrilled to find Uncle Sam
Submitted by Karen Cody
I recently discovered the original Uncle Sam cereal. I LOVE IT because of the low sugar and sodium levels and it is so tasty! I used to eat Weight Control oatmeal for breakfast, but the sodium level is too high so I was so thrilled to find Uncle Sam. Thank you for this great cereal.
Uncle Sam cereal is wonderful
Submitted by Susan Bridgers
Your orginal Uncle Sam cereal is wonderful. I eat a serving at lunchtime and never have an afternoon slump. Mixed in Greek yogurt, it is the perfect meal. Thank you so very much!!
Uncle Sam cereal's high fiber helps keep me regular
Submitted by Ann Nichols
I'm disabled and often can't walk enough to get the middle-aged digestive system working as it should. Uncle Sam Cereal's high fiber helps keep me regular. I also have high cholesterol. Gradually adding my bowl of Uncle Sam cereal to my oatmeal gives it a lovely crunch.
Uncle Sam fan
Submitted by Thomas Fallen
I really like the Uncle Sam's cereal
Uncle Sam is awesome
Submitted by Sean Ryan
I was looking for a simple low-sugar high-fiber cereal when I came across your original Uncle Sam. It is awesome, plus I dig the added flax, makes for a delicious and nutritious combination. Also makes a great high-fiber cereal bar.
Uncle Sam is my new cheerios
Submitted by Lillian O'Brien
Uncle Sams is my new Cheerios. And I don't have to add a ton of stuff to it. Thank You.
Uncle Sam Wild Strawberry- thanks for making a great cereal even better
Submitted by Philippa Davies
I have been a huge fan of Uncle Sam Cereal for several years; recently I was in a hurry and just grabbed the Uncle Sam box and threw it into my hand held basket and rushed home. When I looked at the Uncle Sam box I saw it had added Wild Strawberries and I hate dehydrated fruit in my cereals, or anything else for that matter. But, I have to tell you your strawberries are superb, far better than expected and now I buy Uncle Sam Wild Strawberry Cereal every time I shop. Thanks for making a great cereal even better.
Very pleased with the results
Submitted by Audrey Chadwick
I just love your products! My family and I tried them because we had heard such wonderful things about them, and were very pleased with the results! Thank you!
Submitted by Victoria
I love raisin bran cereal, but I when I started studying the labels of the brands I was buying I was shocked at A) the amount of sugar, and B) the minimal nutritional value. As someone who is actively trying to lose weight I knew I had to find something different....Then the clouds parted and beam of light shone on Uncle Sam Raisin Bran perched on the highest shelf. I couldn't believe at how few ingredients were in it and how minimally processed it seemed. Plus, the amount of fiber was the most I had seen of all the other brands. I love the light crispiness of the flakes and the number of raisins in the mix is just right. Not so much that all I'm chewing is raisins, but just enough to add a bit of sweetness without overpowering the natural flavor of the flakes. I truly enjoy this cereal. Thank you!
We eat it every morning
Submitted by Cathy Springer
My boyfriend and I just love Uncle Sam. We eat it every morning. We wish it came in a larger box. Any chance? Thank you. God Bless
Weight watching and eating Uncle Sam every morning
Submitted by Peggy M.
We agree - Uncle Sam's cereal is the best!  I heard about it through Weight Watchers and have been eating every morning for five years!  I love it because it tastes good and it keeps me full for hours.  Thanks very much.
Weight Watching and loving your bars
Submitted by Heide from NY
I have tried almost all the chocolate bars they are great! My Weight Watchers leader turned me on to them. 
What a great way to start my day
Submitted by Lydia Gizdavcic
Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful morning cereal. I love the fact that is has barely any sugar-so difficult to find in cereals today. I am also doublely-thrilled that the fiber content is high. What a great way to start my day..thanks to Uncle Sam :)
Wonderful combination
Submitted by George Otey
It has been nearly 40 years since I last had Uncle Sam Cereal (back then it had a metal pour spout built into the side of the box and the box even contained raisins); but for some unknown reason it disappeared from the shelf. I've been looking for Uncle Sam Cereal for years and finally came across it at a Braum's store here in Tulsa. Thank God you didn't go out of business; your product is a wonderful combination to taste, crunch, and above all a healthy food product. I'll be buying more (can you put the raisins back as I don't see any Skinner's on the shelves here)
Worth every penny
Submitted by Alyse Johnson
Just wanted to let you know how much I love your products. I just discovered them and I am hooked. Thank you for making such a yummy and wonderful product, it is worth every penny! Do you have a mailing list for coupons and promotions? If so, I would love to be added. Thank you. Keep up the great work.
You can have your chocolate and eat it too
Submitted by Spikey from CT
Attune Rocks! You can have your chocolate and eat it too! What a great way to add more probiotics into my lifestyle. Do you have any coupons available for the looking for work daily 'cuz I'm unemployed fan club? This way I can still afford to keep Attune in my daily regime. I don't use the word diet- I make a lifestyle commitment daily.  Thanks for making me a fan.
You certainly have a winner
Submitted by Mary Serge
I love my Uncle Sam Cereal! You certainly have a winner. It's my cereal of choice and I make sure I have it on hand at all times. I can't start my day without it. I did not start my day with a good breakfast and a nutritionist referred this cereal to me. It's definitely a winner! Thanks!
Your cereal is the healthiest
Submitted by Darrin from WI
You cereal is the healthiest.  Keep up the good work!
Submitted by zoe
i was searching for a cereal that had whole grains & was organic then i came across this cereal. i loved it at first bite! my only complaint is that there should be more berries. p.s. any chance that attune foods makes lactose free bars?

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