Tips for Effective Weight Loss
Lose the Weight and Keep It Off
The key to effective weight loss means reaching a healthy weight that you can maintain long-term without depriving yourself of essential nutrients. Every body is different, so effective weight loss will be different for every individual, but there are many healthful habits that work for nearly everyone.

One problem with diets that promise fast results is that they compromise your digestive system and only work short term, if at all. If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight before, you may be thinking that diets don’t work for you. The truth is, you’re probably right, since traditional diets do not work in the long term. However, there are plenty of small but powerful ways to avoid common dieting pitfalls and achieve lasting, effective weight loss success. In general, you will also develop a healthier relationship with food, which is always a good thing.

It should be no secret that truly healthy and effective weight loss is only really possible through eating a healthy diet and regular exercise. While this method may be more gradual than fad diets with less immediate results, once you start shedding some of your excess weight, you will feel empowered and energized. The reason for this new-found energy is that effective weight loss requires a lifestyle change and a commitment to healthy eating and staying active. Take the attitude of the tortoise rather than the hare - slow and steady will win the weight loss race. It may take longer, but this approach is more sustainable and rewarding for you and your body.  
How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way
Remember, there is only one way to achieve long-term, effective weight loss, and that is to eat less and exercise more. And while most people want to see fast weight loss results, people who lose weight gradually – about a pound or two a week – have better success at keeping the weight off. Making healthy life changes may seem daunting, but by gradually changing your daily habits, you’ll be more likely to maintain healthy weight loss over time and live a healthier lifestyle overall.

Just one pound is roughly equal to 3,500 calories. This means in order to drop a pound a week, you will want to maintain a calorie deficit of about 500 calories per day. To accomplish this the healthy way, you should combine eating fewer calories with burning more calories through exercise. It’s that simple: the ratio of ‘calories in’ versus ‘calories out’ equals healthy, effective weight loss. Don’t get too caught up counting every single calorie. Rather than becoming obsessive about every meal, stick to the following five habits for effective weight loss:

Cut Calories
Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to skip entire meals or cut out snacks. Cutting calories comes from incremental changes that add up over time. For example, instead of using large dinner plates, simply switch to smaller dessert-sized plates to decrease the amount of food you dish out. Effective weight loss doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself to low calorie or fat free foods. Rather, choose nutritious foods that fill you up and control your portions.

Move More
You don’t have to be an athlete to achieve effective weight loss. Simply engaging in any sort of moderately intense physical activity most days of the week (about 60 minutes or more), will help you reach your goals. For example, just dancing in the living room with your kids or taking your dog out for a long walk are fun ways to fit exercise into your day.

Eat More Plants
Your mother was right - eat your veggies. Plant-based foods like beans, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are high in water, fiber, and vitamins and antioxidants, while being low in calories. This means they’ll fill you up without expanding your waistline, and will keep you satisfied - so pick plants for effective weight loss.

Start Smart
An important factor in effective weight loss is how crucial it is to not skip any meals in an effort to save calories. Starting your day with breakfast is the first step. Many people don’t realize that eating a healthy, fulfilling breakfast may prevent you from overeating later in the day. It doesn’t always have to be a full, sit-down breakfast either. Just a piece of fresh fruit, handful of whole grain cereal, or half of a granola bar is enough to get your metabolism going.

Strike a Balance
Another key to effective weight loss is making sure to balance out your meals and snacks with some complex carbs and lean protein. This highly efficient combination ensures that you feel satisfied for a longer period of time. Complex carbohydrates like whole grain cereal, fruit, and brown rice take longer to digest, meaning you won’t feel that carbohydrate crash after eating them like you could with cookies, white bread, or candy. Protein found in foods like fish, beans, and nuts keeps you satisfied longer, meaning you will tend to eat less overall. Good news for those trying to achieve effective weight loss!

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