1. How many omega 3s does Uncle Sam Original have in it?
    Based on some tests we have done, Uncle Sam Original cereal has around 1900 mg / serving of omega-3 (ALA).
  2. I've heard it said that you don't get the same nutritional benefits from whole flax seed. Why do you use whole flax seed?
    Whole flaxseeds and ground flaxseeds should have the same nutritional value.  It is generally believed that the seed coat of the flaxseed needs to be broken in order to maximize the bioavailability of the nutrients.  This is the reason that many articles recommend grinding flaxseed before use.  However, the flaxseed does not need to be ground, but the seed coat needs to be broken. You can break the seed coat by chewing the flaxseeds.
    So while you’re enjoying Uncle Sam, you’re extending nutritional health to yourself through chewing! The main reason we don't grind the flaxseed that goes into Uncle Sam cereal is that it goes rancid very quickly. In order to eat ground flax, you want to grind it right before consuming or eat it whole.
  3. Why do you have sugar in some of your Uncle Sam cereals?
    We love the idea of limiting the amount of sugar in our diet and believe that less is in fact more.  That said, we also want to give people options and help them move from the super sweet conventional cereals to low sugar alternatives.  Think of our lightly sweetened cereals as stepping stones to healthier you!
  4. What makes Uncle Sam Cereal wheat flakes different than other cereal flakes?
    Uncle Sam cereal consists of whole wheat berry flakes. Unlike other wheat flakes in the cereal aisle, you'll find Uncle Sam chock full of whole wheat berries that have been steamed, rolled and toasted into flakes. If you look at them you can even see the difference.

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