The Honeybee Project: Graham Crackers & Giveaways

Delicious Recipes with Graham Crackers

The Honeybee Project is a collaboration between Attune Foods and the Rodale Institute’s Honeybee Conservancy to spread awareness about the importance of honeybees in communities. It features a collection of recipes with graham crackers using Erewhon's organic honey-sweetened graham crackers, and a giveaway for one U.S. school to win a beehive and a week’s worth of one of our honey-sweetened foods (12 cases of product). Each entry and vote in the Honeybee Project in Schools Giveaway yields a donation of ten cents to the Rodale Institute’s Honeybee Conservancy, up to $5000.
The Mystery of the Disappearing Honeybees
Mark \ Mark "Coach" Smallwood
From the Rodale Institute's
Honeybee Conservancy

The bee is every farmer's most valu- able ally. More than 70 of the 100 crops that provide 90% of the world's food are pollinated by bees. Without them, our environment and food system would be greatly altered. Imagine a world with no flowers, no almonds, no blueberries or cherries. And U.S. honeybees' economic contribution has valued at nearly $15 billion. But, these essential pollinators (and economic superstars) are in danger.

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