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This is a mini-recipe, offering a generous little snack for two people. Feel free to double, triple, or even quadruple the recipe if you want some chillin' in the fridge for future cravings. (Recipe: Read more)
As a teacher I've seen it all on the spectrum of snack foods. Here are my tips, gathered from my time on cafeteria duty, for how to make sure your little students gets the best snacks possible. (Teacher Tips: Read more)
Even at the decidedly non-toddler age of 36 I never went anywhere without a backpack crammed with healthy snack foods. I'd learned the hard way I immediately morphed into the aforementioned toddler when I went too long without eating. (Backpack: Read more)
Need kid-friendly snack ideas? All of the following snacks are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free and nut-free.... also minimally processed and healthy! (Food Allergy Snacks: Read More)
"I recently joined Weight Watchers and one of the driving forces to losing weight is eating items that are high in fiber. Yuck - most high fiber products taste like cardboard. So one day I am in a store and I see your Uncle Sam's cereal. The title makes me chuckle. Then I notice it is high in fiber - 10 grams. So I thought I would try it. I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted great. Not only that but the high fiber and high protein filled me up so I don't eat as much." - Denise H.
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Not just any old snack will do. I like to recommend what I call "Combo Snacks," which are nutritious foods or food pairings that combine a satisfying dose of fiber-filled carbs and lean protein or healthy fats. Here are some healthy snack foods with that killer combo. (Combo Snack: Read more)
How does a busy mom keep her kids away from junk and sweets? Just keep the refrigerator and pantry filled with nutritious and delicious healthy snack foods! If you keep the basics on hand, kids can make their own snacks with a little searching and creativity. (DIY Snacks: Read more)
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