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From October to December, we invite you to join us in our monthly Cooking Challenges Recipe Contest. Each month will boast a new challenge incorporating an Attune Foods product into an original recipe. Enter for a chance to win some great prizes. (Contest: Read More)
I grew up eating healthy. I know I am lucky that my family was able to sit down to dinner together almost every night to eat a delicious balanced meal, and that my parents made it a priority. I strive to do this now for my family. (Healthy Habits: read more)
Whipping up convenience food recipes, like a big batch of granola bars, is actually fun, quick, and easy! Just 20 minutes, and you can have snack bars for the week. (Recipe: Read more)
When so much of our food comes packaged and processed, it is essential to train yourself to be a label reader. Here is my three step guide for label reading: (Label-Reading: read more)
"I have always loved graham crackers, they are addictive and I find that if they are in my pantry they will be consumed (quickly!). When I first tried the New Morning grahams, I was excited by how delicious they were. They taste great in all sorts of concoctions, I like to crumble them into yogurt or slather peanut butter on top. Heck, I eat them plain because they are a healthy snack option. Just don't get caught pouring the crumbs out of the bag into your mouth, now that is embarrassing (not that I would know...)." - Michelle
Say hello, ask us a question or tell us something you think we should know: friends@attunefoods.com
A few years ago, I was over at friend's house while she unpacked her grocery bags. I noticed that she had purchased organic cereal, product and milk. I asked her if she thought buying organic food was worth the extra money. (Accidental Organic: Read more)
I've walked this path for so long I practically take for granted how actively involved I am in all aspects of my nutrition. It's almost second nature. Even when I deviate from my healthy path -and I do-it's a conscious choice and not accidental derailment. (Personal Health: Read more)
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