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We hear from a lot of consumers today about how expensive food has become, and there is no question that the spike in commodity prices over the last two years has impacted everyone's wallet. That said, the trend over the last 50 years has been for lower food prices on a relative basis, and in real dollar terms we have seen very moderate growth. (Expense: Read More)

  • Easy Homemade White Chocolate Crispy Bars: Make your own vegan white chocolate at home from real food ingredients.
  • Banana Carob Chip Snack Bars: Moms can use these bars as an after-school snack. These little bars are great right from the freezer, too. I wrapped them in individual servings and popped them in the freezer.
  • Gluten Free Chicken Skewers: These skewers are so simple to prepare and I make a big batch so we can enjoy them for a few meals. They also make a great appetizer for parties.
  • Real Food Changed My Life
    I am very good at portion control for a period of time. I also know how to track food very well...
    (Real Food Change: Read More)

  • Why Bother with Real Foods?
    Many people think losing weight is all about the calories, and that eating real food doesn't really matter. What are you doing to your health in the process?
    (Why Bother: Read More)

"I just purchased Uncle Sam wheat berry and flaxseed with strawberries cereal on an Amazon special. had my very first bowl EVER this morning and I LOVE IT. I thought it was going to be "too natural" for me but it is GREAT. Low sugar, high fiber which is very important with a family history of colon cancer." - Leslie
  • Defining Real Food
    Most people seem to have an instinctive understanding of what "real food" means, but when put to the task of actually coming up with a definition, it can get surprisingly complicated.
    (Define: Read More)

  • Coming to Real Food Organically
    I grew up in a time when it was pretty rare to focus on eating organic or locally grown foods. We ate lots of pasta and pre-packaged items served quickly from cardboard to table.
    (Coming: Read More)

Street Interviews: We spoke with people walking along in San Francisco and asked a simple and important question: What does real food mean to you?

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