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Today over 22% of our federal budget and over 17% of GDP is spent on health care - a number that has more than tripled since 1960. Interestingly, during that same period, we have cut in half the % of our GDP that we spend on food.
In my teens my body was silent.
The kind of quiet I think many of us experience.
The silence of looking outside myself.
Trust your gut. That is what it is all about. When taking care of your digestive health, when trying to figure out the source of physical pain, when working through the truth behing a diagnosis-trust your gut.
As I sat there waiting for my appointment I began tracing the muscles in the anatomy chart over and over again with my eyes. I was mesmerized. It was at that moment that I really, really stopped to appreciate how every muscle in the body is connected. Every. Single One.
Gluten Free doesn't have to be boring! This recipe was born out of a desire for a healthier "fried" chicken tender that is baked, crunchy and full of flavor.
"Some fantastic tasting chocolate and it does the body good! My son is on the Autism spectrum and on a gluten & casein free diet. Needless to say he is VERY particular about the food he likes to eat. I'm pleased to say he LOVES these chocolates (and I can feel good about giving these to him too)! Thank you ATTUNE!" - Ken
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