Sample Gluten Free Menu
by Jae Berman, RD

The key to a healthy eating plan is to not only focus on what to eat but also when to eat. It is recommended to eat within an hour of waking and every 3-4 hours thereafter. Eating throughout the day will help your metabolism work at its most efficient and when you eat more often throughout the day you tend to not feel so hungry and will diminish cravings.

Many people seem to think going gluten free is a low carb diet, which is absolutely not the case. It is necessary to eat protein and carbohydrates at every meal and ensure that meals are balanced. Avoiding gluten does not mean all carbohydrates are off limits.  
Healthy Eating Plan Components

Take a look at the list below of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.

Fruit: Apples, citrus, berries, grapes, melons…all fruit!
Non-starchy vegetables: All vegetables except peas, corn and potatoes
Starches: Starches are the only category that have gluten so avoid all wheat (which includes durum, semolina, kamut, spelt, einkorn and farro) and related grains, barley and rye. Read labels very closely. Ask questions. You will be amazed at all the places wheat is hidden in foods.
Acceptable starches: Rice, beans, lentils, quinoa and starchy vegetables (peas, corn, potatoes) are all acceptable starches.

Beef, chicken, pork, fish, egg whites, beans, lentils, quinoa, soy and lowfat dairy

Avocado, oils, seeds, nuts, nut butter, seeds, dark chocolate, olives
Now that you have a list of acceptable foods, mix and match to combine foods to meet your needs. Take some time before choosing to be sure that it doesn’t contain gluten and allows you to reach you goals and feel good while eating.

A Sample Gluten Free Menu with Two Options Per Type of Meal 


  • Egg white scramble with peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, topped with some feta cheese. Add ½ baked potato as a side using Greek plain yogurt instead of sour cream
  • Quinoa Salad: There are a ton of great cold quinoa salad recipes. Try this spin on Greek Salad. Add feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamata olives, capers, lemon juice, olive oil and balsamic vinegar to quinoa and enjoy. Add a protein such as chicken or salmon on the side.   
  • Lentil Soup with ½ sandwich with gluten free bread, lean protein, veggies and mustard 

  • Tacos using 100% corn tortillas. Add lean turkey meat, grilled fish or simply fill with roasted vegetables and beans. Add salsa, spinach, tomatoes and avocado
  • Grilled protein with brown rice served with a Caprese salad using tomatoes, part skim mozzarella, basil, drizzled with olive oil and vinegar
  • Gluten free bread with nut butter and jelly
  • Gluten free crackers, dried fruit and low fat cheese
*Please keep in mind that the information on this site does not constitute medical advice. Before embarking on any weight loss plan or making dietary changes, you should consult your doctor.

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