Two Cereal Box Notebooks

Two Cereal Box Notebooks

Attune Foods cereal box
Bone folder (the backside of a spoon can replace a bone folder)
X-acto or utility knife (optional, but more precise than scissors)
Awl (a thumb tack can be used instead)
Thread (waxed linen thread or waxed embroidery floss works best)
Printer or Xerox paper

If you're finding yourself in need of somewhere to jot down notes, keep track of all your brilliant ideas, or work on your next great novel, these notebooks with cereal box covers are perfect for you; and they're easy to make!


Step 1:
Break down the cereal box by opening the bottom of the box then cutting down the side. Be sure to cut along one of the small side panels because both the front and back panels needs to remain intact for the book covers. Using scissors or an X-acto and a ruler, separate the front and back panels from the rest of the box. Set one panel aside to be used for the second book.

Step 2 (Notebook 1):
Cut off the top and bottom flaps and fold the panel in half. Use your bone folder by applying pressure along the folded edge to create a nice, crisp fold.

Step 3:
Unfold the cover measure its length and width. Take the paper you will use for the pages and cut it down so that it is the same height as the cover but ¼ inch shorter than the width. Now, fold the paper in half and again use the bone folder on the folded edge.

Step 4:
Place the folded paper (pages) inside the cover and, using your awl, punch 3 holes through all the pages and the cover. One hole should be roughly in the center of the book with the other 2 holes being closer to the edges. Be sure that these side holes are at least ½ inch from the edges.

Step 5:
Now it's time to sew! In case you didn't know, when you thread a needle for bookbinding you only pull a few inches through the eye of the needle instead of doubling the thread as you do when sewing clothes. Thread your needle and begin sewing at the center hole (it doesn't matter if you start on the inside or the outside of the book). Don't tie a knot at the end of the thread, but leave a tail a couple of inches in length as you sew through. Now sew through the top hole. Pull your thread tight but be sure no to lose the tail or you will have to start over. Next, skip the center hole and sew through the bottom hole. Sew back through the center hole and tie a knot to hold your book together. Cut off the needle and your book is ready to go.

Step 6 (Notebook 2):
Take the other panel and remove the top flap using scissors or an X-acto knife. Be sure to leave the bottom flap attached.

Step 7:
This panel will be harder to fold in half because we will be folding again the grain so we will need to score it. Measure the width, divide that by 2, then use that measure to determine where to score the center of your cover. Using your ruler and bone folder, score the cover. Fold in half along this score mark and use the bone folder on the folded edge.

Step 8:
This book has a nifty storage pocket which we'll make now.
Fold the bottom flap up and score the cover along its edge. Unfold the bottom flap and fold the whole bottom of the cover up on this score line. Staple the sides of the pocket and it's complete.
Step 9:
Repeat steps 3 through 5 for cutting the pages to size, folding, creating holes, and sewing.

Et voila: now you've got 2 notebooks from 1 cereal box! Yay!

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