Company History: From Cereal with High Fiber to Gluten Free Cereal
Heritage of Health Foods

Attune Foods is proud to honor a long heritage of making foods to support digestive health, starting with Uncle Sam in 1908. Whether it's Uncle Sam cereal with high fiber or Erewhon organic gluten free cereal, Attune Foods has always been focused on what's best for your health.

      Uncle Sam Cereal is introduced.



      Skinner's Raisin Bran is introduced and is  
      America's 1st raisin bran.

      Erewhon is founded by two macrobiotic educators, and is 
      operated out of its initial storefront location on Boston's
      Newbury Street.
      Paul Hawken establishes a Charter of Natural Product  
      Quality Standards for Erewhon.
      Erewhon pioneers begin contracting with farmers to
      produce organically grown crops.
      New Morning is founded as a distributor of organic
     New Morning becomes a packaged natural food business. 
     New Morning is the 1st company to introduce natural
     versions of children's cereals.
     Erewhon acquires U.S. Mills. U.S. Mills is the new company
     name, and Erewhon is retained as a brand name.
     New Morning comes on board.
     Attune Foods acquires Erewhon, Uncle Sam, New
     Morning and Skinner's, grounded in a product line of
     gluten free cereal, grahams, probiotic bars, and cereal
     with high fiber.

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About Us

At Attune Foods, we believe what matters most is what's inside. We make our foods from simple ingredients, simply made like Uncle Sam cereal, Erewhon organic cereals and grahams or our attune probiotic chocolate bars. Attune Foods commits to bringing you food that helps you feel good and that you can feel good about eating with your family.