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  • Uncle Sam Cereal Takes on Tax Day
  • Bulk is Green: Golden Temple Participates in Love Bulk Earth Month
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healthy cereals

Week 5: Jess


Jess is on vacation and sneaks in a video check-in with us. He shares that he has been struggling lately. He talks about the importance of community and why he’s trying to lose weight. Tune in by clicking the video below: Interested in joining Jess with your own week-long breakfast swap? Click on the “I’m […]

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Week 5: Kenlie

In Kenlie’s week 5 check-in, she’s in the process of making a lot of changes including a move to Los Angeles, getting to work-out with Richard Simmons and buying a car. She is also finding her stride. Tune in: Attune Foods Week 5 from Kenlie Tiggeman on Vimeo. Interested in doing your own week-long breakfast […]

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Week 5: Mel

It’s August! Mel shares her week’s update. During Summer Breakfast Swap, she’s found herself satiated to lunch. Check out her check-in: Interested in doing your own week-long breakfast swap? You can join Mel by clicking on the button below to learn more about how to participate.

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3 Guidelines for Breakfast

Our guest post today is from Allison at the PickyEating RD. She shares her response to the importance of breakfast from an RD’s perspective. Connect with her @Allie_RD ___________________________________ Growing up I was lucky enough not to have to give much thought to where my meals were coming from.  My mom always had us eat […]

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Week 4: Kenlie

Kenlie shares tips that helped her feel happy about her progress this week, including making healthier choices and exercise that helped her feel like the healthier, fitter person she’s grown accustomed to. She also gives shout-outs to Mel and Jess- tune in below: Interested in doing your own week-long breakfast swap? You can join Kenlie […]

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