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  • Uncle Sam Cereal Takes on Tax Day
  • Bulk is Green: Golden Temple Participates in Love Bulk Earth Month
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Feel good on the inside. Look good on the outside.


Growing up, my parents would always say, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts,” referring to someone having a warm heart, kind personality and intelligence mattering more than outward appearance. As I’ve grown older, I still use that phrase, but also apply it to our health, and not just personality traits. We live in a […]

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Being healthy is an inside job

I’m a big believer in focusing on a healthy inside. If your body is healthy on the inside it naturally radiates on the outside. Health is not a quick fix found in a spray can or bottle. It’s easy to forget where healthy living starts. I heard a commercial on the radio recently that made […]

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What matters most- inside you & inside the box

Overall health begins with good digestive health and at Attune Foods our focus is on creating foods that are naturally designed to keep you and your gut in tip-top shape. For most of us that means having enough fiber in our diet, avoiding allergens, and supporting the gut flora that help our insides function. For […]

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Whole Grains in the American Diet- Thoughts from the Whole Grains Council conference

I spent the past several days in Portland, Oregon at the annual Whole Grains Council meeting. The Whole Grains Council is an industry organization comprised of member companies that, among other things, sell and have an interest in promoting whole grains. Whole Grain products have many definitions, depending on the organization or regulatory body, but […]

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Going back to the future

I love innovation and am always surprised to see what new ideas catch on and which ones do not.  More often than not, the key is timing.  The Newton was 10 years too early while the iphone was not.  The electric car might have been 100 years too early; maybe now is the time. When […]

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