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Life happens: my healthy living a-ha moments


From the very beginning, 2010 was a challenging year. I was still suffering from an extremely painful bout of sciatica. The pain forced me to change my exercise routine. No more Wii fitness games or exercise videos. No more leisurely stationary bike rides either. Heck, just sitting was a challenge. I was exhausted from many […]

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What would Jack Lalanne say?

I recently read about the passing of fitness legend, Jack LaLanne. He used to tell people, “Fitness starts between your ears. You have to figure out what you want and then go ahead and do it.” I watched Jack’s show when I was a little kid, and tried to follow along doing pushups, sit-ups and […]

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10 ways to achieve your New Year’s healthy living goals

It’s that time of year where we make New Year’s resolutions and come up with goals for healthy eating and exercise. However, would you be doing that if you’d done better with last year’s healthy living goals? What you need is a plan of action to make this year’s resolutions stick! 1. Define your goals – It’s too loosey-goosey to make […]

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Meet Attune Foods Brand Ambassador: Anne-Marie

1.      If your blog had a mission statement, what would it be? Inspiring busy moms and their families to live more healthfully – one delicious recipe at a time! 2.      Who inspires you to live a healthier life? My dad and my husband. My dad was a health nut, so eating delicious and healthy food […]

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