Glorybee: On a Mission to Save the Bees


Attune Foods is proud to support the GloryBee Save the Bee program through the honey used in our Sweet Home Farm granolas and shared social media efforts. This is the second article in our Save the Bees series. Kristin Kokkeler of GloryBee writes below about how their Save the Bee program came into existence with a state of the Bee address.

Save the Bees

Each year more than $15 billion worth of crops are pollinated by bees in the United States. How does this translate to your daily life? Well, one out of every three bites of food you eat each day is brought to you by the pollination of bees. Now imagine your breakfast without fruit, nuts missing from your favorite trail mix, no honey for your favorite biscuits, or being without a pumpkin at Halloween? Honey bees pollinate more than 100 essential food crops, as well as produce millions of dollars of honey.

Bee Pick-up - Glorybee

Recently, honey bees have been dying by the tens of millions. These deaths are caused by colony collapse disorder (CCD), a phenomenon linked to the drastic rise in the number of disappearances of Western honey bee colonies in North America. Although there are many theories as to the cause of CCD, there is still no specific cause identified by researchers.

Setting up the Hive - Glorybee

With more than 40 years of beekeeping experience, GloryBee’s interest in bees has been at the root of our business. A deep passion to continue to share this craft and educate our customers, led to a special day where novice and experienced beekeepers could pick up packages of bees at our inaugural Bee Day. Now 39 years later, this day has morphed into a full weekend of activities at Bee Weekend, where experienced and novice beekeepers pick up pre-ordered packages of bees, learn bee care from our experts, sample the variety of honey flavors we sell, and watch live hive installations.

Learning about honeybees- Glorybee

This year’s Bee Weekend festivities kicked off with a local fundraiser Wednesday, April 9 supporting Save the Bee! Customers, employees and friends stopped by Oakshire Brewery and participated in “Pints for A Cause,” purchasing 695 pints to support ongoing research on honey bee health in the Pacific Northwest. With the addition of Save the Bee hat, coaster and pint glass sales, along with donations, GloryBee raised more than $1700.

Miss American Honeybee- Glorybee

From the fundraiser on Wednesday, to the arrival of the American Honey Queen and all the packages of bees on Thursday, GloryBee was abuzz with activity throughout Bee Weekend. The 2014 American Honey Queen, Susannah Austin, made the trip to Eugene all the way from Orlando, Florida. Susannah serves as a national spokesperson on behalf of the ABF, a trade organization representing beekeepers and honey producers throughout the United States. During Bee Weekend, she spent much of her time meeting local school children, hosting field trips and handing out packages of bees.

Honeybee Talk- Glorybee

Through partnerships with local experts like Bee Girl, Sarah Red-Laird, and the Lane County Beekeepers Association, GloryBee connects the community with experts experienced in the Pacific Northwest at events like Bee Weekend. Based out of Southern Oregon, Sarah regularly teaches classes for beginning beekeepers and works one-on-one with beekeepers and their honey bees. During Bee Weekend, Sarah met more than 600 chlidren and taught them “Honey Beeology,” explaining the necessity of honey bee pollination to Oregon and how this directly impacts our local food. She conducted an array of activities and crafts using beeswax, honey, propolis and more.

Bees ready to go home - glorybee

After the event, we determined that GloryBee had more than 7.5 million bees onsite, nearly 860 queen honey bees, engaged with 1,500 community members and sampled nearly 2,000 ounces of honey. Outreach and education about the importance of honey bees pollinating and our agriculture, motivates us to continue to work to save the bee. Through our Save the Bee Campaign and our partnership with the Oregon State University Bee Lab, we know we can influence saving our favorite pollinators and help our future generations.

Honeybees! - Glorybee

About Kristin Kokkeler

Kristin is the promotions coordinator for GloryBee. For more information about their Save the Bee program, please visit: