Bulk is Green: Golden Temple Participates in Love Bulk Earth Month


Later this month, scores of people will participate in Earth Day. This might entail not using electricity for the day. Perhaps others will choose to ride their bikes, walk or take public transportation instead of driving. We’ve teamed up with Bulk is Green for their Love Bulk Earth month initiative, encouraging consumers to shop for foods from bulk bins in their grocery stores. We’ve rustled up a few fun facts from the BIG website.

Bulk Foods: Did You Know?

  • Organic foods from bulk bins on average cost 89% less than their packaged counterparts.  Foods from bulk bins also prevent a significant amount of packaging from entering landfills.
  • Bulk foods require less overall transportation to deliver to consumers. Foods from bulk bins do not require the packaging components that must be produced and transported prior to being filled. And the transportation of bulk products to retailers is efficient because it can be packed more densely on a truck.”

Love Bulk: A Few Ideas for First Time Bulk Bin Shoppers

If you’re new to shopping for foods in bulk bins, but want to give it a try, start here for tips and ideas.

  1. Stock up on legumes and whole grains, buying only what you need and see the savings at the register.
  2. Plan ahead for breakfast and snacks by scooping up granola like our Golden Temple French Vanilla Almond. Sprinkle it onto yogurt and add in fresh fruit for an easy afternoon mini meal.
  3. Do you have a lot of mason jars sitting in your cupboards? As long as you have an extra one that stays empty and can be weighed at the register, you can bypass the plastic bags by filling your jars at the store. We call this BYOP- bring your own packaging.

Bulk is Green-Earth-Month-Infographic-2014

Love Bulk Bloggers

Check out these bloggers who have pledged to buy foods from bulk bins this month and are working with Bulk is Green to help spread the word about why bulk is beautiful and how shopping for foods in the bulk bin section is eco-friendly and a fun way to participate in Earth Day.