Six Sensational Gift Ideas for the Food Allergic


Coming up with unique presents that a recipient will cherish can be difficult in its own right. Add in food allergies and the playing field shrinks from 120 yards of NFL turf to a toddler-sized basketball court. But this holiday season, I have some fabulous food allergy-friendly suggestions that will help you get your gifting game on.

1. A Baker’s Best Friend

Best For: Gluten-Free Home Chefs

Food Allergy Gifts - Harvest Grain Mill
Gone are the days when small appliances were viewed as an insult. Allergic foodies spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and swoon over industrial-quality aids like the Harvest Grain Mill by Nutrimill. It adds eye candy while pulverizing any grain or legume into bake-able flour. But above and beyond the competitors, the Harvest Grain Mill has interchangeable mill stones and inserts that can be swapped out with ease to help prevent cross-contamination in households where both wheat and gluten-free grains are used. Other features include the ability to grind large or small quantities (perfect for those recipes with multiple flours), coarse to fine grind setting (able to create “superfine” brown rice flour – which is usually quite expensive!), and ease of use and cleaning (just one switch, simple to change out mill stones and insert). For a quick demo, since it is a more sizable purchase, I’ve done a 2-minute video.

2. Safe Sips

Best For: Wholesome Hosts and Oenophiles

Food Allergy Gifts - Frey Wine

In Canada, sulphites actually rank in the “Top 11” allergens. We stop short in the U.S., labeling only the “Top 8” but there is no doubt that sulphites negatively affect many allergic consumers. Wine is notorious for sulphites, and may even contain traces of milk, wheat or egg, which can be used as agents in the fining process. To ensure a hostess gift that won’t elicit sneezing and wheezing, seek out Frey Organic Wine (I’ve spotted it in many natural food stores), which contains no added sulphites or other top allergens. They only use natural bentonite clay for fining, and thus can even label their wine as vegan.

3. Gift Baskets for All

Best For: Starving College Students and Free-From Foodies

ALISA - Food Allergy Gifts - Gift Baskets

I love the many allergy-friendly snack services that are emerging. Most offer fun monthly boxes of treats in a subscription service, but I Can Have That takes a gift basket approach. They offer beautifully bundled foods, labeling which offerings are free of what allergens, from gluten-free to peanut-free.

If you require a little more customization, Tasteful Pantry allows you to identify all allergens of concern, and they will customize a snack box to meet your requests.

4. Perfectly Practical Accessories

Best For: Stylish Food Allergy Moms and Teens

 Food Allergy Gifts - Epi Accessories

I think it is fabulous that there are so many little companies making bags to accommodate epinephrine injectors and other medical needs. But let’s face it; most aren’t gift-worthy. Enter Epi-Essentials. Their adorable leather accessory cases come in fashion-forward designs and colors, like Mystic Navy and Pumpkin Spice, and were made specifically to accommodate EpiPens®, Auvi-Q’s, inhalers, antihistamines and emergency contact information.

5. Beauty Salve-ation

Best For: Sensitive Types

Food Allergy Gifts - VMV Hypoallergenics Gift

Did you know that skincare often contains nuts, milk, gluten and other top allergens in addition to fragrances and irritants? Luckily, VMV Hypoallergenics produces lotions and potions that are free of 76(!) common allergens, fragrances, parabens, preservatives, and phthalates. Their “VMVery Favorite Things” holiday-inspired package includes everyday product samplings to provide gentle luxury to any loved one on your list.

6. Books for Cooks

Best For: Recipe Addicts and Bookworms

Food Allergy Gifts - Eat Cookbook Stand

Books are a great gift for anyone, but cookbooks have extra oomph for the food allergic. First, start with an adorable Eat Cookbook Stand, to motivate their appetites, and then pair it with a helpful recipe guide like Go Dairy Free, Everyday Classics, or The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Cakes and Cookies.

What about Gifts from the Kitchen?

Nothing says love like home-baked goodies. Unfortunately, your kitchen could be a cross-contamination land mine for food allergic recipients. But if you are the one with food allergies, don’t hesitate to show everyone how delicious free-from can be!

Food Allergy Gifts - Triple Chocolate Granola

A few current favorites include my easy, nut-free, crispy Triple Chocolate Granola and Perfect Pumpkin Bread for All (with new Iced Pumpkin Nog Bread variation) recipes. Each is vegan and free of gluten, dairy-, and all other “Top” allergens.

Wrap it Right

With my in-laws, the packaging is just as (if not more) important than the gift itself. Take some time and add that personal touch with beautiful homemade gift wrapping. 

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