Eating as a Workout


I was chatting with Polly Conway, one of our new team leaders, and we were talking about Uncle Sam cereal and she said “yeah, it is kind of like working out.  The first few days it is difficult but then your body begins to crave it”

I think she is absolutely right.  It takes a few days to get used to the subtle nuance, the lack of sugar and the true textures of real whole grains and seeds.  It takes a few months to figure out the myriad ways you can make it your own by adding infinite mixes of fruits, nuts, honey, milk, non-dairy milk, yogurt, other cereals, or just plain straight up.  And then you are hooked.

And, it is a good thing!  The flavor of the fruits, the honey and the nuts all get a chance to shine when exposed to the backdrop of wheat and flax.  This is a tough experience to come by.  In a world of culinary extravagance it is hard to find a baseline “palate” from which you can experience all of these joys.

Once you do, however, it is hard to go back.  Never mind the high altar of gastronomic extravagance offered by cereals with big “pop.”  Instead, work at building your own.  You will eventually find that perfect blend, and if you are like me, you’ll eat it every day until one morning when you suddenly realize you are bored and need something new.  No problem.  With a great base to build from and a look inside your fridge it won’t take long to hit on that new (and likely seasonal) favorite.

You just found your new “best” breakfast workout.

  • Last fix: Uncle Sam, European style yogurt, local (SF) honey.
  • Current fix:  Uncle Sam, St. Benoit yogurt, fresh peach.
  • Next fix: ?

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