Healthy Soft-Serve “Bluster” with Chocolate Crunch and Chocolate Drizzle


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When I first switched to a vegan, gluten-free diet, I was excited that there were still so many sugar-free treats I could enjoy. I baked up cookies, brownies, cakes and more, all within the parameters of my new eating plan.

But it never occurred to me that, despite my love of creating every kind of healthy dessert recipe imaginable, I’d find myself missing ice cream.

In our family when I was growing up, we ate ice cream for a very limited period each year (June to August), since it was considered a special, summertime-only treat.  My mom would purchase large, brick-like cardboard boxes of the stuff that she toted home from the strip plaza a few blocks from our house. It seemed to me that she always stocked my dad’s favorite flavor, Neapolitan, and nothing else.  Because I was never a fan of strawberry ice cream, I quickly learned to sneak some of the chocolate stripe by scraping along the bottom of the box (where its absence wouldn’t immediately be noticed) when I wanted to indulge.

In other words, I didn’t consume much ice cream when I was younger (though that chocolate stripe did always end up quite a bit thinner than the other two).

When I reached my teens, I discovered soft serve, and my world changed. I loved visiting Dairy Queen with my friends, where we’d opt for a chocolate-vanilla twist dipped in a vat of molten chocolate that hardened to a solid, glossy sheen the moment it was turned back upright. Years after that, I became smitten with the Blizzard, always choosing the double chocolate flavor (with chocolate fudge and cookie bits mixed in).

soft serve with chocolate crunch and chocolate drizzle

When the warm weather hits, I sometimes still yearn for those Blizzards. Only now, I have re-created them in a form I can freely enjoy.

Is there such a thing as a tantalizing, irresistible dairy-free, sugar-free and gluten-free frozen treat that doesn’t diverge from a healthy diet?

Well, now there is!

My “healthified” version of the classic dessert recipe offers up chocolate-coated crunchy cereal bits and cacao nibs (or chocolate chips—your choice), blended into a smooth, creamy base—and it’s so simple to make, you won’t believe it.

So go ahead and indulge in this rich, decadent-tasting frozen dessert this summer. It provides all the best parts of that childhood classic ice cream treat, without any of the downside. And, unlike my dad’s Neapolitan ice cream, you’ll definitely want to eat the entire thing.

What was your favorite frozen dessert as a child? Has it changed since then?

soft serve with chocolate crunch and chocolate drizzle


soft serve with chocolate crunch and chocolate drizzle


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