Dairy-Free Chocolate-Coconut Crunch Coated Ice Cream Balls with Dark Caramel Sauce


Choco-Coconut Crunch Ice Cream Balls

Ice cream is a simple gluten free recipe that goes hand in hand with summer. It’s a no-brainer dessert when serving someone on a gluten-free diet. Lately, I’ve been craving ice cream covered in crunchy chunks, just like I got at the ice cream shop when I was a kid. They’re pure pregnancy cravings. I often think I’m a more creative cook when pregnant because I’m so darn hungry all of the time. When I’m not pregnant, I would be happy with a bowl of fruit topped with toasted nuts.

Regardless, ice cream is one of my absolute favorite desserts to make. It’s easy to make ice cream healthy, too. Once you have a good vanilla ice cream recipe you can make just about any flavor under the sun. I long ago perfected my dairy-based vanilla ice cream, but once it started to warm up outside I realized I didn’t have many dairy-free ice cream recipes.

The recipe I created for this dish isn’t a true vanilla; it uses cashews, coconut milk, and coconut palm sugar. On its own, you can taste a slight nuttiness with a very faint caramel undertone. It’s not overly sweet either, because I didn’t want a dessert that would put me (or you!) into sugar-shock once the chocolate-coconut crunch and the caramel sauce were incorporated.

Once combined with the other components, the caramel-nuttiness in the ice cream fades into the background for a creamy, delicious vanilla ice cream.

As for the Chocolate-Coconut Crunch, well, you might want to make a double batch so you have some extra in the freezer to munch on. The coconut oil makes it magical. When frozen, the chocolate stays crunchy. But, once you take a bite the chocolate melts away and you’re left with the crunch from the Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Gluten-Free Cereal and shredded coconut. Don’t omit the stevia; it needs the extra boost of sweetness.

As for the caramel, you can use any granulated sugar you’d like. If you choose cane sugar, it will be lighter in color. Because I used coconut palm sugar, which is unrefined and contains trace minerals, it’s darker in color and has a rich, earthy flavor.

Of course, you can don’t have to make your own ice cream to make this dessert. If you’d rather, pick up your favorite flavor at the store.

What are your favorite summertime desserts?


Choco-Coconut Crunch Ice Cream Balls


Choco-Coconut Crunch Ice Cream Balls

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