Berry Cream Pies in Jars



With the warm months here, it makes perfect sense to not be in the kitchen. Don’t ya think?

I love food in jars. All kinds of foods in jars. Sweets & savories. Today let’s talk sweets…. No Bake Berry Cream Pies in Jars.


This recipe is so pretty to look at and it tastes AWESOME! Use all the berries you can get your hands on.

There is somethin’ about serving things in jars. It adds a cuteness factor and is way more fun than plates or bowls.

Besides, they are portable when you screw on the lid.


All you gotta do is make some Homemade Whipped Cream.

You can go vegan or not. The choice is all yours. For vegan pies use my recipe for Coconut Whipped Cream and omit the grahams.

Otherwise, crush up some Erewhon Organic Honey Graham Crackers in a food processor ~ or bang ‘em with a hammer or somethin’. This is a great way to get out stress!

It’s so easy to create pretty textures and flavors for your pies.

Next, your gonna carefully layer berries, cream & graham cracker crumbles one on top of each other.


This is a fun recipe to make with your kiddos too. They will have fun layering their own berry cream pies.

You can make these pretty pies in jars any size you wish. Make a giant one that everyone can dip into or they would be really cute shooter size too.

Serve these Berry Cream Pies for brunch or dessert. They are also great for after-school snacks and will keep ya going for a good long time.




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