Buckwheat & Hemp Banana Pancakes


buckwheat hemp banana pancakes - easy vegan gluten free recipes

This time of year, we see peeks of summer with sunny 80 degree days. With warmer weather and more outdoor activity, we often crave lighter foods. My spring and summertime meals often include smoothies and big salads – light foods, cool foods replace the comfort food we enjoy all winter.

Even with most of our food choices being lighter, I still crave warm and hearty foods, whole grains with staying power. Bright sunny mornings have me opening all the windows and doors – letting the cool fresh air in. A warm hearty breakfast goes well with a cool morning, and one that fills me up and keeps me satisfied until early afternoon is a must.

buckwheat hemp banana pancakes

Thankfully, pancakes have a year-round appeal for me – winter or summer, pancakes just seem to go with weekends. Spring and summer pancakes might involve fresh fruit or even fresh vegetables, which is always a plus.

When creating a new pancake recipe, I try to meet several aspects – flavor, fluffy texture, nutrition and staying power. These are all of those things and more.

buckwheat hemp banana pancakes

These pancakes are packed with nutrition. Erewhon Buckwheat & Hemp cereal has 6 grams of protein and 5 grams fiber – and brings a natural sweetness with the wholesome crunch from buckwheat groats and hemp seeds. A short ingredient list and a tasty satisfying breakfast make this one of my favorite cereals.

Turning this cereal into buckwheat hemp pancakes has become one of our favorite breakfasts these days. I went through several test recipes and variations to get to this recipe – a hearty, naturally sweet pancake with a bit of fluffiness to balance the whole grain, nutrient-dense cake.

This recipe uses the buckwheat & hemp cereal as a flour. To make the flour, you can pulse in a food processor to a fine powder, or you can put the cereal in a baggie and crush with a rolling pin. I used a combination of both techniques, resulting in a fine flour. A nutty maple flavored flour.

With a total of five ingredients, this is an easy vegan gluten free recipe using what you most likely have on hand. These pancakes have no added sugar, using a ripe banana as a natural sweetener.

Adding dark chocolate chips makes these pancakes even sweeter:

buckwheat hemp chocolate banana pancakes


buckwheat hemp chocolate banana pancakes


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