Vibrant Pistachio Lime Crunch Bars



There are times when I just get so excited about a recipe, I want to share it with everyone. I want to make many batches and hand them out to my mailman, the neighbor, my classmates. When I first gave one of these bars to Jason, I stood in front of him with a big grin, waiting for his reaction. His reaction was good, and he has requested a continuous supply.

I like making simple vegan recipes, and this one is dairy and gluten free and versatile: Vibrant pistachio-lime bars as they are, without chocolate, make a delicious on the go breakfast or snack. Drizzle them with the chocolate and they are elevated to a decadent treat perfect for your Valentine… or for a Wednesday.

Another thing that makes this recipe great? They are naturally sweet.

pistachio-lime crunch bars

While I don’t necessarily need to have dessert on a regular basis, I do love my sweets. Using naturally sweet whole foods (this recipe uses dates for sweetness) in a dessert is not only the healthier choice, the natural flavors taste great. I’ve always been a fan of the naturally sweet versus overly sugary sweet.

Choosing real food ingredients that are naturally sweet are definitely my preference now: fresh or dried fruit like figs, apricots or the Medjool dates in this recipe, always top the list for me.

The reason I am so excited about these bars, and want everyone to make them immediately? The incredibly vibrant layers of flavor! The bright zing of the lime juice, the salty creamy pistachio combined with the naturally sweet dates and crunchy cereal – so many textures and flavors to enjoy. I chose the Erewhon Supergrains Buckwheat and Hemp cereal for this recipe especially for the crunch – although the hemp and buckwheat bring a great nutritional profile as well.

This mixture comes together very quickly, and the whole recipe can be complete in under an hour (including ‘setting’ time). Make these into bars or bite size pieces, or roll them round for a chocolate covered Valentines truffle!

vibrant pistachio-lime crunch bars

vibrant pistachio lime bites

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