Living Your Life at a Healthy Weight: the Sweeter Victory


the sweeter victory

The gentle click of the seat belt. The ease of settling into a metal folding chair without hanging over the edge . The delight in buttoning a pair of regular-sized jeans.

These sweet little experiences were some of my most memorable moments during my weight loss journey. Being able to fasten my seat belt without using a seat belt extender and not break any more chairs made all the effort of eating foods that helped me lose weight, watching my portions, controlling my fat, and taking sweaty walks in the Florida sun worth the effort.

Those sweet little victories multiplied over the 14 months it took me to lose 150 pounds. No longer did I look at buffet tables with anticipation, but rather inspected the selections carefully for any healthy foods that I would choose to eat.  I could drive by fast food restaurants without feeling the temptation to swing through for a chocolate milkshake or large bag of French fries because I was sitting in my car wearing a pair of jeans I had only dreamed of wearing just a few short months before.

The seemingly endless selection of sweets in the grocery store also held less appeal to me once I started losing weight. With this Valentine’s Day looming large it can tempting to throw caution to the wind and use the upcoming holiday as an excuse to reward yourself with foods you don’t need and maybe don’t even like anymore.

That’s what I found as I lost the weight. Those overly sweet cookies and candy that seemed to be everywhere in the grocery store really lost a lot of their appeal. If I ever felt as though I was going to slip up and overindulge, all I had to do was read the ingredient list and remember that I was in this weight loss experience for my health and not just for my weight.  Candy usually had high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated palm oil, soy lecithin, artificial flavors, and dyes I didn’t want to put in my body.

I discovered I actually liked naturally sweet foods such as fruits (without added sugar) and learned to make my own sweet desserts that had natural ingredients. One of my family’s favorite oatmeal cookie has ingredients like coconut oil, graham flour with crushed Erewhon crackers, raisins, 100 percent whole wheat flour, honey, molasses, and an egg.

Only you can decide which is sweeter – the sweetness of the victory of living your life at a healthy weight or the temporary satisfaction you get from giving in to processed sweets and other unhealthy foods.

Does experiencing sweet victories in your weight loss journey help you avoid overindulging this time of year?

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