Sweet and Salty Snack Bars



In rolls the New Year. Usually you see a surge in gym memberships and well-intentioned resolutions to eat healthier and change your lifestyle at the start of the year. I suppose it makes sense after all the holiday eating that people are feeling the need to cleanse. Still, lasting lifestyle changes, I’ve found, are not often born of good intentions and drastic dieting.

Instead, the road to health is more successfully negotiated one step at a time.

For me, I can choose well intentioned food items and healthy meals, but what gets me down more often than not is the in-between times. Snacks are a difficult thing to manage, especially because they can seem inconsequential due to their small size or because you simply aren’t prepared for them, leaving you at the mercy of gas station counters, the nearest corner store, or the break room. Having a healthy snack on hand that will give you the energy to make it through a difficult morning or the long hours of the afternoon is one way to fend off the munchies and keep you far away from the vending machine.

A few nuts and whole grains to fill you up and provide staying power, and a bit of chocolate to tempt your sweet tooth is all it takes to create a food you not only want to eat, but one worth eating.

In addition to it being a new year, there’s a new face at the Attune Foods blog: mine. I’m a food writer, cookbook author, natural food lover, and a complete bookworm. I’m so excited to be joining the team. About me: Four kids call me “mom”, and my main food philosophy has to do with eating real food that is natural and teaching my kids to appreciate good food, too.



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