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Am I a clean eater? Well… that depends on who you ask.

When I was 420 pounds I probably would not have been considered a clean eater. I mean, fast food and cookies consumed my life. I would eat anything and everything… as long as it was not natural. You do not get to be over 400 pounds by eating bad one day. You get it by eating bad a few years.

I made the decision to lose weight in 2008. Yet, once I started my journey I would not have been considered a clean eater. I focused on the amount of food I put into my body rather than what it was. I ate a lot of processed foods but made sure to track everything I ate. I was good at it for some time. But no, I would not have been considered a clean eater.

Once I lost over 100 pounds I added fruits and vegetables into my diet. A good amount of them actually. At this time I thought I was a clean eater. I eliminated most processed foods from my diet. Notice I said most. I still had a frozen dinner here and there and I also would have some foods with sugar in them. Some people were quick to tell me that I was not a clean eater.

After I lost 221 pounds I was positive that I was a clean eater. There was no doubt in my mind. I only ate fruits, vegetables, lean meats and minimal grains. At this time I was trying to gain muscle as well. So I did supplement some protein shakes into my diet. Someone told me that was not clean eating because of the ingredients in the shake. Hence, I was not a clean eater.

Today… well, my mentality is much different about clean eating. Clean eating is going to be different for everyone. If you ask 100 people what clean eating means to them you will get 100 different answers.

I think that people worry more about the rules more than truly the point of clean eating. It is a really good thing to get your body to a point where it enjoys foods with minimal ingredients.

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