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Can someone please tell me where 2012 went? It has been such a productive year and I am grateful for all of the abundance it has brought to us.

I have been a brand ambassador with Attune Foods for one whole year! I started this partnership with a love for their cereals and I have to say ~ every month has been a blast creating recipes using their high quality and very tasty foods.

This Cereal Crunch Granola uses my 3 favorite Attune Foods Cereals: Erewhon Corn Flakes and Crispy Brown Rice cereal and Uncle Sam cereal. A trifecta of perfection.


This crunchy mix is simple to prepare. It answers to

“Mom I’m hungry”

“What’s for breakfast?”

“What healthy snack can I bring to the gym?”

“What can I prepare for a large group of guests for a memorable brunch?”

“What can I have that is good for me?”

This is it my friends.

Dig in and enjoy!


In this recipe all you need to do is grab your favorite Attune Foods cereals.

You can use the three I used. Add more or less. Or change them up to suit your tastes.

All will turn out great no matter what your choice.


Enjoy this crispy creation in a comforting bowl of cereal with milk.

Also make a layered parfait with it.

Need a great trail mix? Bring this granola. Add some more nuts for a greater energy boost.

Love chocolate? Toss in some chocolate chips when it cools down for kicks.



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