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I think one of the things I like most about the fall is the focus on simple healthy foods. The flavors that emerge this time of year are so bold and vibrant, that it’s easy to cook up recipes that require only a handful of warm, earthy ingredients. Naturally, cinnamon and other spices go into just about everything that I make, but seasonal delights like apples and winter squash pack in their own prominent flavor profiles. Lately, I’ve been pairing the two at every opportunity. Apple-stuffed squash, squash and apple pudding, and this easy Butternut Apple Bake.

Butternut Apple Bake - Simple Healthy Foods, Gluten-Free Diet

This recipe is one that we’ve enjoyed as a comforting breakfast treat and as a side dish for a wholesome meal. In fact, it’s perfect for Thanksgiving and other holiday gatherings. Just replace that overly sugary dish of sweet potato and marshmallows with this side filled with simple healthy foods. Trust me, your taste buds will prefer the sweet and savory combination.

I’ve actually made this recipe with acorn squash, too. You can use any winter squash that you like, but butternut is easier to peel, and can also be purchased pre-cut for even quicker preparation.

You can bake the cereal sprinkle right on top of the squash bake if you like, but I prefer to cook it separately so that it stays crispy. Also, if you have any leftovers to refrigerate, I prefer to store the cereal in a separate container at room temperature to keep it nice and crunchy until served.

Butternut Apple Bake - Simple Healthy Foods, Gluten-Free Diet


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