From Scratch Green Bean Casserole


Scratch Green Bean Casserole

The Thanksgiving table plays host to a panoply of side dishes and on most tables a turkey. I’m of the belief that Thanksgiving offers something for everyone, even if the item of choice is white dinner rolls for the non-turkey eater. My cousin happened to be that very picky eater who would only eat rolls- not the healthiest approach. Our table would brim over with delicacies only prepared once a year that we could anticipate for months to come.

Somewhere nestled in between the Corningware dish of candied yams and my grandmother Tita’s recipe for Cornbread Stuffing was my favorite dish. I could make it out by the silhouette of crunchy onion rings that crowned the bubbling mushroom sauce studded with green beans. Oh yes, green bean casserole easily won out as my second favorite Thanksgiving dish, a close to second to Tita’s stuffing.

As an adult, when I consider that most Green Bean Casseroles are made using cans, I wondered if it could be reconfigured and notably, if Uncle Sam might have a seat at the Thanksgiving table. I had conquered making Oven-Baked Onion Rings and applied similar principles to those crunchy onion strings in a can. Instead of condensed mushroom soup, a sizzling pan of mushrooms saute with the likes of thyme and garlic. This version below, this Scratch Green Bean Casserole, I would almost call it a Green Bean Onion Casserole as you’ll see it features allium three-ways with a trio of leeks, shallot and onion creating a savory base for the green beans and mushrooms. Instead of cream, I opted for plain kefir and added in brown rice flour instead of A-P. Call me crazy, but those small changes add up to one delectable dish. What’s your favorite dish at Thanksgiving?



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