Food Definitions: Food Will Not Define Me


Thanksgiving Feast
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So I can understand people struggling with making poor eating decisions on Thanksgiving. It gets tough year after year.

Every year the best chefs in the family come out to make their “signature” dish.

The smell is intoxicating, so you taste a little, then eat a little, and then eat it all.

I get it.

I understand people struggling on Christmas. The same thing happens. A honey ham, some delicious sides. It gets rough. Very rough!

Halloween with all of those delicious “fun size” candies. Does it really count if it is “fun size”?

Valentine’s Day- Going out to dinner, getting chocolates

New Year’s Eve-Champagne, Finger Foods

Now here is what I do not get…

Memorial Day? Labor Day? Fourth Of July? Arbor Day?

People make excuses to eat badly. It is like a justification. People find a reason to gorge themselves!

It is okay, it is Columbus Day!

Every year there are the same holidays. Every year, the food is the same. There is really nothing special about it once you sit down and think about it. Sure, family and friends are special. But is the overeating special?

Yet we struggle with it. We struggle the same way each year.

“Everyone else is eating mashed potatoes, I am going to as well.”

Holidays were never the struggle for me. A holiday is just one day, and one day will not make you gain 200 pounds.

Nope, it was my mentality on those days and how confident I was that tomorrow would be different.

Then “tomorrow” I would eat the same. I would eat that way for weeks, and then months.

Now I tell people that there is nothing I have not eaten. Nothing about food is special to me.

People want to make food so special. Like a treat.

Seeing my son smile is a treat for me. Going an extra five minutes at the gym is a treat to me.

Having my new boss tell me to “slow down” because I move so fast is a treat for me.

Food is not a reward. I am not a dog. I am not working hard in life for a cookie.

So I will always enjoy holidays- to spend time with my family, to make memories.

And this month we are talking about traditions. Instead of eating, I made a tradition to workout every Thanksgiving. To workout every Christmas. Do not get me wrong… I still eat!

But for the food…

Food will not define me anymore.


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