Fig Walnut Tart with Three-Ingredient No-Bake Crust


Fig Walnut Tart with Three-Ingredient No-Bake Crust

One of my favorite things about the holidays is making a tasty, memorable meal for the people I love most. It’s one of our traditions. And it’s completely possible, even on a gluten-free diet and with healthy eating habits.

I got my passion for cooking honest, straight from my Grandma Ruth. Oh, how she loved to make meals for her family! Grandma wasn’t just about cooking great food, either. She wanted to hand down everything she knew. She’s stop and show me how to thicken the gravy just before serving it on mashed potatoes or how to carve the turkey so it would slice really thin.

And, gosh, could she bake. Everyone knew to save room for her pies – chocolate, apple, lemon meringue. They were a family tradition. No family gathering was complete without one. Or three.

Fig Walnut Tart with Three-Ingredient No-Bake Crust

Today, I know firsthand the work that goes into a big meal. I know the planning that takes place weeks ahead of time. I know the shopping trips that take place. I know the days spent preparing for the big meal. I know the early holiday morning hours in the kitchen, apron on and coffee in hand.

Most importantly, I know the joy that comes making the meal that brings those I love together at the table.

I am not sure I do it with as much grace as my Grandma, but I try.

One of the tricks I learned from Grandma Ruth was to plan the menu so that you can make some items ahead of time. This is especially important when it comes to dessert because they often take up so much precious oven time!

Fig Walnut Tart with Three-Ingredient No-Bake Crust

For this holiday, I decided to create a quick, simple make-ahead dessert that’s – dare I say it – healthy too. Think Fig Newton all gussied up. It’s got a decadent but not-too-rich filling with a crunchy crust.

Best of all, 95% of the sweetness is 100% natural. There are just 5 tablespoons of coconut palm sugar in the entire dessert. I can carry on my Grandma’s tradition with my own healthy spin.

When you sit down to a holiday meal with your family this season, think about the love and joy you’re sharing. It’s priceless and timeless.

What is your favorite holiday tradition? How do you put your own spin on it?

Fig Walnut Tart with Three-Ingredient No-Bake Crust



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