Effective Weight Loss & the Need for Speed


the need for speed

It’s so easy to become completely overwhelmed with weight loss isn’t it? Between the abundance of diet websites, magazines that routinely feature an array of diets, and books that share weight loss advice, many of us do not even know where to start.

That was some of my problem when I was trying to lose weight. Although I kept trying different programs and plans, I never seemed to settle on one I liked. I wanted an effective program that was super easy and super fast. That proved to be impossible.

For me, the word effective equaled fast results.  I honestly never thought that the programs I tried were very effective, but the truth is that most of the programs and techniques I tried would have been effective, but not fast, had I just done them.

One program worked by counting calories and that will definitely work if you actually count the calories. Another worked by counting points, which would have worked had I actually counted the points. Still another program worked by providing me with boxed foods. That would have likely worked if I had not added candy bars and hamburgers from a fast food restaurant to the boxed foods that I had.

I found that I had to realign my thinking into what I should expect from a successful, effective weight loss program.

It wasn’t going to be fast.

It wasn’t going to be super easy.

It certainly wouldn’t be effortless.

I discovered that a weight loss program that was effective was going to require a lot of emotional work on my part to deal with the whys of weighing 300+ pounds, and an effective weight loss program was one that let me eat like a regular person because I had a family to feed. I also discovered that the best weight loss program in the world wasn’t one that included a lot of bells and whistles, or promises of fast results, but rather one that was based on healthy foods, healthy exercise, and lifetime sustainability.

I no longer judge the effectiveness of a weight loss program by its speed. There is no prize in getting to your weight loss goal before your neighbor or friend. There is the prize of improved health by reaching your weight loss goal and staying at a healthy weight for years and years.

What do you look at when evaluating a weight loss program? Had you tried several before settling on the one that worked for you?


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