Eating the Forbidden Fruit


Roasted Almonds and Eating the Forbidden Fruit

I don’t really believe in putting food into the good-for-you and bad-for-you categories. I think it creates paranoia and food “issues”… Now that I’m 6 months into my new role of Mom I’ve started noticing parents tell their very young children about foods that are bad for them (the obvious culprits) versus foods that they should eat.  Guess which ones they want?  I mean who doesn’t want the forbidden fruit?  Who doesn’t want the cereal with Elmo on the front, that Mom keeps grabbing out of your hands at the supermarket, versus the unadorned steel cut oats straight from Mama’s dusty, Pyrex jar.  And it’s no different when we’re 20 or 60 or 100 (from what I’m told).

So my answer: make the good-for-you foods look, taste and SOUND (!) as good as Cherry Garcia ice cream.  Make them SO good that there is no need to forbid them (from your children or from you). So with that in mind, here are a few of my favorite ways to embrace the forbidden fruit.

Got any super easy, super decadent, but actually good-for-you, treats to share?


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