Health in a Hurry: Curry Chicken Nuggets (gluten-free)


I am so excited about the new Supergrains cereal! It tastes amazing on its own, but I couldn’t wait to use those hearty flavors in a recipe (or two). The Supergrains flakes are so nice and thick that I knew they would make an ideal crispy coating. They also have a very light sweetness that pairs beautifully with curry.

Health in a Hurry: Simple Curry Chicken Nuggets - Gluten-Free, Egg-Free

This is a wonderfully simple healthy recipe that is perfect for the busy months ahead. Kids will love the mild flavor of this after school meal, and adults will love the mild spice and how EASY this healthy recipe is! I’ve skipped the three step dipping and rolling process that you typically see with baked chicken tenders. Instead, I’ve simplified it by stirring the dip and chicken together in one bowl, and then rolling it in the coating.

While you could use regular or egg-free mayonnaise in place of the coconut milk for the dipping process, I used (regular, full-fat) coconut milk to keep with the curry and healthy whole food theme. It worked beautifully.

Serve these nuggets with a quick curry dip, in lettuce wraps with your favorite creamy or tomato-based dressing, or as the feature on a mixed greens salad.


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