Blueberry Breakfast Cake


blueberry breakfast cake recipe

We’ve had a lot of changes in our home lately all stemming from the arrival of one tiny little bundle of joy. Our first child, a precious little boy, was born on February 23rd.

We’d spent months getting ready for him. We took birth and parenting classes, read books, decorated the nursery, washed all his baby clothes, and searched to find the perfect pediatrician. We thought we were prepared. Oh, were we wrong. So very wrong.

As a new mom, every day brings something new. My nights are sleepless and the days are filled with cute baby smiles, feedings and dirty diapers. The only constant is that all normalcy has been thrown out the window. Permanently.

Like my husband often says, there’s not a book in the world that can prepare you for this. And I wouldn’t change anything.

Out of everything we did, the one thing that I’m positive will have an real impact on his life are the changes in my diet.

Before I got pregnant, my diet was healthy. I ate whole foods and mostly organic. But it was ‘just me’ I had to think about. There were times when I was okay making a dietary compromise.

Once I learned I was pregnant that changed. Our son was a real reason to eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables high in pesticides either had to be organic or I didn’t buy them. The same was true of other foods. When before I might have compromised on occasion, now I drew a line in the sand. I started paying even more attention than ever to what went into my body, knowing that my son would be affected by whatever ate.

That means that I had to rethink how I did some things. My friend suggested I buy frozen organic fruit, vegetables and meat in bulk when they went on sale. I didn’t have room in my freezer so I bought a deep freeze and started filling it up. I also started making healthy meals and snacks and  freezing those, too, for days when I wouldn’t have time to cook. Believe me, we’ve had plenty!

I have genuine peace of mind knowing that I’ve done all I can to ensure that our son has the best possible start in life. My hope is that he will choose to adopt the same health building eating practices in his life when he’s old enough to make his own choices.

Since life is a little crazier than normal at our place I decided to put together a recipe that was not only healthy but oh-so-simple to make. No special techniques necessary. Just throw the ingredients in the food processor, stir in the berries, and bake.

The great thing about this breakfast cake is that it’s mostly berries with just enough batter to hold it all together. And, it’s packed with anti-oxidant rich, organic blueberries, organic flours, and organic cereal. What mom wouldn’t feel good about feeding this to her son?

blueberry breakfast cake




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