3 Ingredient Crispy Rice Fudge


Crispy Rice Fudge Copyright Marla Meridith

In our house we all love chocolate. Really LOVE it. There are always a few bars and lots of cocoa powder at the ready. Whether eaten out of hand, broken up and put into trail bars, used in truffles, melted over ice cream….you get the point. We can’t get enough chocolate!

I came up with this 3 Ingredient Crispy Rice Fudge as a fun new twist on a classic treat. My version is lightened up and has far less sugar and fat then your typical candy shop fudge.


Crispy Rice Fudge

In our family we prefer robust dark chocolate. On rare occasions we have been swayed to partake in milk or an occasional bite of its distant cousin- white. In this recipe you can use whatever chocolate is your personal favorite.

Crispy Rice Fudge Copyright Marla Meridith

Keep it simple. This recipe only takes minutes to prepare and about an hour or so of “leave it alone” so your fudge has a chance to set to room temperature-  if you can keep your hands off it!

You could just eat it all soft and gooey with a spoon. The choice is yours.

I top off this fudge with Erewhon Gluten Free Brown Rice Cereal. A little crunch with creamy chocolate is a match made in heaven!

Crispy Rice Fudge Copyright Marla Meridith

This healthy organic rice cereal has become a go-to ingredient for me. I love a bowl with almond milk for breakfast, but I have also been known to use it in savory recipes. My Gluten Free Chicken Skewers are a big hit for dinner and our lunch boxes too! Speaking of lunch boxes ~ pack a little “pick me up” fudge in your lunch box for a guilt-free treat.

Crispy Rice Fudge Copyright Marla Meridith

Have you ever made homemade fudge? If so, are there any special flavors, add-ins and ingredients that you like to put in yours?

Let’s make some fudge, shall we?

Crispy Rice Fudge Copyright Marla Meridith


Recipe and Photographs Copyright © Marla Meridith.


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