Motivation to See No Kid Go Hungry


No kid hungry.

This call to action seems simple enough. If you have a child, you feed it, and the case is closed, right? What about the families which are income challenged and feeding the child means that maybe one of the parents doesn’t eat that night?

If I think about this enough, it will keep me up at night.

I don’t have kids. I taught Sunday school for a short spell of time and learned from the children as much as I taught them. We would sit and cut out shapes with Play-Doh cookie cutters. We would pull out the big tub of crayons and blank sheets of paper and draw paper dolls and they would tell me stories that corresponded to the drawings. They reminded me of the importance of curiosity and imagination. By the time snack time arrived they were ready and eager to nosh on the snacks we handed out.

I don’t have kids. And the fact that children go hungry in this city is my problem. This desire to see change happen fuels my motivation to be a part of the change. Over the past few years I have volunteered with Share our Strength and believe in their motto that each of us has a strength to share. Each of us can be part of being the change.

For me, motivation comes from something outside of myself, a worthy cause that calls all of me to the table. It calls me to die to self on behalf of others. I think back to the planning meetings from last year’s involvement in the Taste of the Nation event and how many times I just wanted to go home right after work or go to the gym. Instead, I would scoot off to a planning meeting and get home late to make dinner right before going to bed. It wasn’t ideal, but the point is that even when I didn’t feel like going, I reminded myself what this event and all of the hours of preparation in advance were trying to accomplish. This year, I’m going as an attendee, and I’m still trying to share my strength.

The past few years, I’ve been part of helping plan the San Francisco Bay Area Food Bloggers Bake Sale which benefits Share our Strength. Once a year (and this year it’s April 28th at Kiehl’s on Fillmore from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. in San Francisco), home bakers and food bloggers across the United States host bake sales where all proceeds go to SOS. I love this event as a home baker. I like how it reaches out to different people who may not be a part of an evening like Taste of the Nation, but still want to be a part of the change by contributing their change in exchange for tasty baked goods.

No kid hungry. This is a cause that motivates me to work to see it happen.

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