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I have lost numerous times in my life. Do not get me wrong, I have had my failures, but I have had success as well. I am very good at portion control for a period of time. I also know how to track food very well.

So why was it different four years ago? I lost 221 pounds in 2008 and have kept most of it off. I work out all the time now and I have the confidence that I will not gain back the weight.

Because this time truly was different. It started while I was on Weight Watchers. I was tracking every point and making sure that I did not go over any day. I would eat their frozen dinners and snacks, and would make sure that I lost weight every week.

Then I ate an apple. Sounds silly, right? See, growing up I had my fair share of fruits and vegetables. I would eat apple pie. I would eat beef and broccoli. I would drink a mango smoothie.

The apple I ate was no ordinary apple. It was a honeycrisp apple. Now, I truly thought there were two kinds of apples…… red and green. I was wrong. This apple was huge and only around 150 calories. I bit into it and was shocked how great it tasted. I was shocked how full it was with all the fiber.

Once I did, I realized that if I focused more on real foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains that I could not only stay inside of my calories every day, but I would be full. It changed the way I ate.

I have always eaten a good amount of processed foods. It was easy and quick. Yet, I did not realize the repercussions until I was over 400 pounds.

I am a new man now. I really focus on real foods. They fuel my workouts. Sure, I am not “process free” but I really try hard to eat a new fruit or vegetable each week.

Some people ask what I love the most about Attune Foods. I eat a bowl of Uncle Sam cereal every morning now. Four natural ingredients, that is it. Real food changed my life.

Oh…about that apple. Yeah, I still eat one every day as well


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