Banana Carob Chip Snack Bars


Banana Carob Chip Snack Bars

One of the big problems people encounter on a gluten-free diet is getting enough grains and fiber. Many store-bought products are starch-heavy and don’t include whole grains. Another problem is the increased amount of fat and calories in processed gluten-free snacks when compared to their wheat based counterparts. Though this helps improve the flavor and texture, it isn’t always good for the waistline.

I’m a big believer in moderation. Don’t get the wrong idea – my life isn’t usually balanced. Instead, balance is something I practice on a daily basis. It’s a long way from the perfection I used to think was so important.

Moderation plays into my daily diet as well. Instead of striving to be perfectly healthy, which I did for years and failed, I strive for progress. If you’re not an avid green smoothie drinker, a lover of raw veggies, and happier with fruit than you are with ice cream, you might think I’m extreme. It didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been at this almost a decade and I still have a long way to go.

I take a moderate approach in my baking, too. I love to take recipes and make them a little healthier. Again, I’m not striving for perfectly healthy.

When I was a kid, I loved eating cereal with my dad in the morning. He would slice a banana over my bowl and I’d smile. There was something about the crispy cereal, the sweet banana, and the cold milk that I loved.

So why not take my favorite childhood bowl of cereal and make it into a healthier snack bar?

That’s exactly what I did.

I took Erewhon’s whole-grain Gluten-Free Crispy Brown Rice Cereal and their Gluten-Free Cornflakes, threw them in the food processor, added some potassium-loaded bananas, creamy almond butter, fiber-rich coconut flour, and made a snack bar that could pass as dessert.

Add a glass of milk and it’s almost like eating my favorite childhood breakfast all over again.

These little bars are great right from the freezer, too. I wrapped them in individual servings and popped them in the freezer.

Moms can use these bars to their kids for an after school snack. They’re the perfect middle ground – kids get a snack they love and moms can feel good knowing that it includes whole grains and fiber.

This recipe is gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and contains dairy only in the form of the carob chips. I use unsweetened carob chips because they’re naturally sweet and don’t use any refined sugars. Feel free to substitute your favorite dairy-free chocolate chips if you prefer.

What does moderation look like in your diet?

Banana Carob Chip Snack Bars



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