A Life Changing Journey


Weight Loss Wednesdays focus on hearing from people currently on their weight loss journey or who are maintaining weight loss as they share their  stories and write about topics related to keeping it off. We met Tara last year at FitBloggin’ and she inspired us with her story which she’s sharing with you.


If you walk by me today you would have no idea of the journey I’ve been on for the last two years.  You might see me running early in the morning or walking around a farmer’s market looking for a seasonal vegetable to go with a new recipe I want to try. You might see me in the organic section of some grocery store or just standing on the corner watching traffic go by. You’d probably look at me and think to yourself “Man she looks good” (or at least I would like to think that’s what you’re thinking).

But that’s not who I used to be.

I used to be morbidly obese. I used to weigh 270 pounds and I was in a desperate state of living.

Tara Martin

Don’t get me wrong I was living. I had a good job. I was married. I had a house. Two dogs. But I was not alive. There was no life inside of me. While I had external pleasures to make everything appear okay, there was something missing. I was depressed. I was eating my way through life. I was playing video games for hours upon hours day in and day out. I couldn’t stand the sight of my own face in the mirror.

Want to know what was missing?

I was.

I wasn’t present in my own life. I was dead inside and in December of 2009, I made a decision that has lead me to where I am today. That decision? To stand up and take control of my life. It wasn’t easy. Boy oh boy let me tell you it wasn’t easy. At 270 pounds I could barely walk up a flight of stairs. I had to start small. I decided to cut out elevators and to park as far away from any building I had to enter. I began to count calories and slowly weaned myself off of diet soda. Parking farther led to walking during my lunch break. Counting calories led to ending the multiple drive-through meals at any fast food restaurant in my path. Weaning off of diet soda led to drinking water. Walking on my lunch break led to running a half a block (and throwing up). Ending multiple drive-through meals led to eating consciously. Drinking water led to…well drinking more water. These small steps of change led to something amazing…


Today I am a marathoner. Today I am a triathlete. Today I am present and I am alive inside.

People ask me all the time what was my secret? How did I do it? They want the magic pill. The easy way out. There isn’t any. It was hard. Let me repeat that: It was hard. There were a lot of tears. A lot of frustrations. A lot of confusion as I adjusted to the changes in my life and more importantly the changes in my body and in my heart. I lost 120 pounds physically but I lost quadruple that in emotional weight.

A few small changes led to more small changes. More small changes led to bigger changes. Bigger changes led to life style changes and in the end (but really just the beginning) led to a life changing journey…

What’s your Life Changing Journey look like?


Tara Martin

At A Life Changing Journey Tara shares her story of being lost and uncovering herself. The way she tells it, she “began her life changing journey in a 270 pound body dying a slow and very sad death.” She writes a lot about her journey not being just about weight, but also about saving her life on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. She writes candidly about the absolute truth of the process of uncovering your true self and how making her journey public has helped her ways she is unable to explain.