Real Change: A Myriad of Perspectives


Attune Foods Employees

The New Year is for many, a time to set resolutions or goals for the year ahead. For everyone, it is a fresh start and a chance to continue good habits from the previous year or attempt to kick out bad habits and adopt good ones. This month we’re focusing on real change- the kind that lasts longer than a good intention, day or month. Our Attune Foods team chimes in on this topic, providing a range of what real change means personally.


ANGELA: “It’s setting realistic goals for yourself. In order to have change, consider what you’re capable of. Make smaller changes that can lead to bigger changes in life.”

CHAZ: “For me, real change is giving the power back to the people and spreading global and environmental awareness. It’s a change in consciousness.”

DEB: “Real change for me is when I allow change to settle in and allow acceptance. ”

LINDA: “When people think of change, they think of sacrifice. I think it should be more about perspective. Instead of losing something, you’re gaining something like health. Making better decisions and choices on a daily basis leads to real change.”

JERRY: “Real change means something for the better, something real, something you’ve been saying you want to do for a while but haven’t. It involves not just words, but actions too. I want to continue good eating habits started in 2011. Total change for me is to go back to what my weight used to be and continue down this long road.”

MIKE: “Real change means change that continues on into the future.”

STEVE: “Real Change needs understanding, motivation, commitment and simplicity to have a chance for success.”