Gluten Free Mixed Berry Scones


Gluten Free Mixed Berry Scone

It’s January, the beginning of a new year, and right now most of us have healthy lifestyle habits on our minds. You might be wondering how gluten-free scones fit into living a healthy lifestyle.

As you probably know, traditional scones are often rich with butter and heavy cream. Then, they’re topped with a sugary glaze. They’re good. Really, really good. But they’re not necessarily good for you.

Part of what I love to do is show people how to take classic recipes and make them healthier so they can enjoy them as a small part of a well-balanced diet.

Let’s walk through the healthy transformation these scones went through.

To make-over these scones, I started with a healthy fat. Instead of butter I opted for coconut oil, which has many health benefits:

  • it’s easy to break down and use for energy so it’s less likely to be stored as fat
  • it can boost your metabolic rate
  • it contains lauric acid which is used by the body to help boost immunity
  • it may improve heart health by helping prevent high cholesterol

Light coconut milk replaced the heavy cream. Instead of refined white sugar, I opted for a small amount of honey. I replaced the heavy, sugary glaze with a light sprinkling of low-glycemic coconut palm sugar and a pinch of cinnamon.

Of course, all the flours are gluten-free. Sorghum and almond flour have some health benefits too. Sorghum is high in anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients. Almond flour is an excellent source of vitamin E and mono saturated fats, which is associated with reduced risk of heart disease.

Since I used almond flour in the scones, I didn’t want to add nuts but still wanted to get a good, textural crunch. That’s where Erewhon’s Crispy Brown Rice with Mixed Berries Cereal came in, which is gluten-free as well. The cereal adds an interesting crunch on the outside and melts in the middle of the scones to make a soft, tender crumb. The freeze dried strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries add the right amount of fruit.

Eat these scones just as they are or top them with a little no-sugar added fruit spread. Like all scones, they’re best the day they’re made. If you have leftovers, store them in an airtight container at room temperature and warm them before serving. Or, freeze them and make bread pudding when you’re in the mood for comfort food.

How do you make your favorite recipes healthier?


Gluten Free Mixed Berry Scone recipe


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