Pumpkin Morning Muffins

As my last activity as an Attune Brand Ambassador I hosted a breakfast for my family on Thanksgiving morning. I put out a spread of various Uncle Sam and Erewhon cereals as well as some muffins I made the day before.
I’ve dubbed the muffins “Pumpkin Morning Muffins” to indicate that unlike so many other muffins, they are not a cake in muffin’s clothing. They are not very sweet, but the pumpkin spice makes them tasty enough to be loved by all, even little Shiloh.

I hope you enjoy the muffins!
This post is bittersweet because it marks my temportary return to blogging since shutting down my personal blog in October. I’ve been looking forward to writing again, to sharing a part of my life and something tasty with the blog world however, knowing it might very well be my last public blog makes me quite sad. I truly miss the daily interactions that come with blogging in this community. Even though I am not blogging right now, you can still find me on twitter!
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