Indian Spiced Cereal Snack


Indian Spiced Cereal Snack Mix Ever get snack boredom? It has happened to me. My go-to snacks are usually a fruit and nut bar, trail mix, and fresh fruit and veggies. While I never tire of the fresh fruit and veggies, the bars and trail mix are getting a little boring, and I’ve been craving something more savory that my usual sweet snacks that contain dried fruit and chocolate chips.

The flavors of Indian cuisine are some of my favorites. I love using turmeric, curry powder, and garam masala in vegetarian entrees I make, so I thought I could bring them into a savory cereal snack. It tastes just like some crunchy Indian snacks I’ve bought before at Indian grocery stores. If you want to kick up the heat in this snack, add more chili powder. It takes no time to make and I’ve already divvied it up into little snack bags to grab-and-go when I need a quick savory snack.



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