Double Dark Chocolate Granola


double dark chocolate granola

I received a special request for a chocolate granola recipe, and well, kind woman that I am, I tested four different batches of chocolaty goodness to come up with the delicious recipe below. Our neighbor definitely appreciated the overflow.

To note, this recipe is quite forgiving. Feel free to adjust the sweetness to your tastes, using whatever “sugars” you desire (agave, brown rice syrup, etc.). Also, you can lower the cocoa powder for more of a subtle hot chocolate taste, or increase it for an intense dark chocolate delight. Just be sure that the oats and cereal are well coated – a little liquid in the form of sweetener, oil, or maybe even applesauce will be required. I do prefer to use some oil, as it helps the granola crisp up, but I’ve gone with the minimum for an overall low fat recipe.

Also, I kept the recipe simple and nut-free, making it back-to-school and nut allergy-friendly. The Uncle Sam cereal does have a good dose of whole flaxseeds, but if you prefer more nut or seed action, feel free to sub some in for part of the cereal and/or oats.

For the chocolate chunks (because what chocolate granola recipe would be complete without chocolate chunks?) I used chopped Attune probiotic chocolate bars (sold next to the yogurt!). To help preserve that friendly bacteria, and to keep the chocolate from melting, the chocolate is added after the granola has completely cooled. But, the probiotics are shelf-stable for up to a month, so this granola can be stored at room temperature. It should stay fresh in a sealed container for about a week, if it lasts that long …


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