The sweet side of healthy snacks: no bake graham cracker “cookies”


organic graham crackers sandwiches with nut butter
My favorite snack as a kid was crackers, plain and simple. When I wanted savory, saltine bags were ripped open, and when I wanted something sweet, I headed straight for the honey graham crackers.

I still love grahams, but as an adult, my cravings have grown more complex on so many levels. Now I demand wholesome ingredients that I can actually pronounce, so I stick to New Morning graham crackers – the only organic brand on the market.

I also feel the need to constantly experiment with new ways of serving up old favorites. What started out as noshing on one square at a time, turned into savoring nut butter graham-wiches …

Which then turned into these no bake healthy snack “cookies” …


PB & J Thumbprint Graham Bites



Are you a graham cracker fan? If so, which do you prefer, honey or cinnamon?

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