5 Reasons why I love the Healthy Living Summit


Healthy Living Summit 2011

Over the weekend of August 19th, I was lucky enough to attend the 3rd annual Healthy Living Summit in Philadelphia on behalf of Attune Foods. I had a wonderful time seeing good friends, meeting new ones, and helping to promote Attune by sharing product details and handing out samples at their booth with Annelies!

attune foods at HLS

Here are 5 reasons why I love the Healthy Living Summit:

1) The original Healthy Living Summit in August 2009 was the very first blogging conference I ever attended – before I even started my blog! I’ve been to all 3 years of the conference – in August 2009 in Boston, August 2010 in Chicago, and this year in Philadelphia. I started my blog (fANNEtastic food) in October of 2009, shortly after returning from the first summit. I’d been thinking about starting a blog for awhile, and being there and meeting all the other bloggers was such motivation for me to finally go ahead and start my own!

2) There’s always someone to go running with. This year, there was an organized 5k run/walk on Sunday morning, but two HUGE groups of conference attendees made plans to run on Saturday morning, too. Since so many people are training for marathons, a super long run group went out at 5 a.m., and I met up with a group at 6 a.m. that wanted to run about 5 miles. Perfect!

HLS walkers

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3) It’s easy to find healthy food. At most normal conferences, the food is usually pretty gross and it’s hard to find healthy options without a big hassle. Not so at this conference! Instead of the usual sugary muffin and pastry “continental” breakfast, we got an amazing spread of Attune cereals, berries, and milk or yogurt!

attune table at HLS

4) It’s informative. I learned how to write a better recipe from Stepfanie of Spark People, how to combat negativity in the blog world from a panel of bloggers, how to monetize my blog without selling out from social media superstar Katy Widrick, and much, much more.

5) It’s FUN! Any conference that has a photo booth at their cocktail party gets my vote!

photo booth at HLS

What’s the best conference you’ve ever been to?

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