The importance of breakfast to your metabolism


Are you like me and you hop out of bed each morning ravenous and ready for breakfast? Or do you get through the morning with just a hot cup of coffee and absolutely no interest in that first meal of the day? It always surprises me when I hear from clients who skip breakfast in an effort to cut calories and lose weight, or because they’re convinced that they are not hungry and “couldn’t possibly eat anything in the morning.” The way I see it, breakfast is another opportunity in the day to eat delicious food!, and it’s also a meal where you can fill up on necessary nutrients. But one point that always seems to appeal to people is breakfast’s ability to get your metabolism moving – that’s your body’s calorie-burning mechanism.

But how does breakfast boost metabolism?

Think back to last night’s dinner. Maybe you ate around 7pm, and then your body digested and metabolized the food. Overnight while you were sleeping, your metabolism slowed down to an even hum, constantly working but at a more resting pace. Your metabolism won’t kick into high gear again – burning fuel (calories) at a faster rate – until you wake up and feed it in the morning. Think of it like fueling a car by putting gasoline into an empty tank or throwing a log on a dying fire for an added spark to get it burning again. However, if you skip breakfast and hold off eating until lunch, that’s an extra five or so hours of your morning when you’re letting your metabolism cruise along at a sluggish pace. Why not use it at its peak calorie burning capacity!? Breakfast is the jump start your body needs and the energy boost to power your day.

You don’t need to have a huge sit down breakfast buffet. Even a half of a granola bar, handful of nuts, a few bites of leftovers from dinner, or snack bag of fresh fruit on the go will do the trick if you eat within an hour or so of waking up. You may find eating in the AM actually makes you hungrier. This is a good thing! It’s your body’s way of telling you it’s rearing to go, and that your metabolism is revving. Keep listening to your body by feeding it with healthful foods when it’s hungry, and stopping when it’s full. But always remember the benefits of breakfast.

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