Simple Health: Breakfast Rocks!


I’ll start with a true confession.

There was a time I used to skip breakfast. *gasp*

Maybe it was because I wasn’t hungry when I woke up, or maybe I thought it was a way to eat fewer calories for the day.

Skipping breakfast made me:

  • Tired
  • Famished at lunch
  • Overeat at the next meal
  • Have a slower metabolism
  • Gain weight

I was without food from about 7pm till about noon the next day. I was depleted. If I went surfing or running I would especially overeat afterwards because I was starving. I knew what science said but for some reason I stubbornly stuck with a plan that didn’t work!

I’ve learned that having a good breakfast means:

  • Having better clarity in my mind
  • A better workout
  • A better chance of making healthy food choices
  • More peaceful relationships since being hungry and tired puts me in the worst of moods
  • A healthy example for my daughters. Children watch what we do more than they listen to what we say.  They need to see the women in their lives doing healthy things.

Now my breakfast favorites are things like Uncle Sam cereal either with coconut milk or mixed in with a plain Greek yogurt, topped with organic blueberries. Since I’ve made breakfast a must, my appetite became in check and my workouts improved immensely. By eating breakfast followed by eating about every three hours a meal with lean protein and lots of veggies with some colorful carbs as I like to call them, my metabolism revved up and I lost body fat. Now I know that eating breakfast is one of the easiest ways I can improve my health and well-being.


Please keep in mind that the information on this site does not constitute medical advice. If you are thinking of starting a weight loss program,  you should consult your doctor.


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